Anne Sansom - Home Page

Anne Sansom - Home Page

Research Interests and Papers

Recent papers from ADS Abstracts

RAS Press Pelease on SAGE0536AGN

Read about our involvement with Herschel IR/submm Key Project,
H-ATLAS, in which I was a co-investigator: Herschel ATLAS.
My former PhD student, Nicky Agius, worked with these data
to produce her thesis on dusty elliptical and lenticular galaxies
in the local universe.

Also I am a member of the consortium: Galaxy and Mass Assembly,
GAMA, which studies galaxies via multi-waveband observations,
imaging and spectroscopy.

Postgraduate Studies

Graduate students interested in doing a PhD in extragalactic astronomy at the JHI at UCLan,
can find some description of the type of research being undertaken.
Information about a PhD Project in extragalactic astrophysics, working on early-type galaxies,
is available, including links for further information and how to apply.
The PhD position will be supervised by Dr. Anne Sansom and is due to start from October 2015.

Galaxies - Normal and Interacting

Covering x-ray, optical, infrared, submm and radio observations, plus GCE models

X-rays Optical Infrared MILES Models


UCLan is a member of the UK consortium for the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT).
For further information on UK involvement with SALT see UKSC

M71 Data Files: Link to M71 data here


Click on the image below to get to a black-and-white schematic movie of the Local Group.
This was created in IDL, using data and a modified version of an IDL script originally
supplied courtesy of Wolfgang Bradner (ESO Germany). The image below shows the
location of galaxies in the Local Group, colour coded according to their type (see the key).
The solid lines show galaxies above the plane and the dotted lines show galaxies below
the plane. Image credit: Brandner and Grebel. Movie is available at:

email: aesansom at uclan ac uk

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