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Donation to JHI to fund new Moses Holden Post-graduate Studentship

Donation to JHI to fund new Moses Holden Studentship

This year we are delighted to announce the first Moses Holden Post-graduate Studentship, in memory of one of the University's Founders in 1828, Moses Holden (1777-1864).

This has been funded by a donation that has set up the Moses Holden Studentship Fund, from Mr Patrick Holden, his great great great great grandson.

Moses was a keen Astronomer, who gave public lectures in Astronomy in Preston and across the North of England and the Midlands throughout the 19th Century.

For his lectures he had constructed a large orrery, with which he demonstrated the motions of the Earth, the Moon and the planets in the solar system. He projected an image of the orrery onto a large screen and filled theatres with enthusiastic members of the public, who paid to hear about the latest advances in astronomy.

To apply for the Moses Holden Studentship see:


To purchase a copy of Moses Holden's biography by Stephen Halliwell, see:


Moses Holden (1777-1864), one of the founders of the fore-runner Institution of the University of Central Lancashire in 1828.

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