Modelling the multi-wavelength SEDs of galaxies

Supervisor: Prof. Cristina C. Popescu

A central problem in modern astrophysics is to understand how
galaxies form and evolve. In particular it is of prime importance to
unravelĀ the detailed mechanisms that govern the build-up of the
stellar content in galaxies through star-formation fueled by
the accretion of gas from the surrounding intergalactic medium and/or
through mergers with other galaxies.

The state-of the art Galaxy And Mass
Assembly (GAMA) survey is providing a unique observational database to
attack this problem, by measuring the emission from galaxies throughout
the electromagnetic spectrum in combination with accurate redshift and
structural information. This project will use GAMA data in combination
with our novel radiative transfer techniques and new codes for deriving
structural information.

It will be done as a collaboration between UCLan and the Max Planck Institute MPIK in Heidelberg.