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Jeremiah Horrocks Institute
for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy,
University of Central Lancashire,
United Kingdom
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Crystal Growth

High quality single crystals are essential for fundamental research and for numerous technological applications. Ultraclean samples of novel materials hold the key to scientific breakthroughs in the field of condensed matter physics. Furthermore, many materials of interest show anisotropic behaviour, either as a result of their crystal structure and interactions or as a consequence of the application of magnetic fields or pressure. The underlying physics of such systems can only be unravelled by investigations on high quality crystals. Therefore, single crystal growth is of strategic importance for the solid state research. Here, at UCLan, we are developing crystal growth facilities in order to satisfy both in-house and external demand for single crystals of a very wide range of materials.

Principal investigator: Monika Gamza (website:http://www.star.uclan.ac.uk/~mgamza/)

Exploratory Materials Synthesis & Characterization Group website: http://www.star.uclan.ac.uk/~mgamza/

top of page Header Image : Simulated Nanoparticle (Marco Pinna, Joe Smerdon), Solar disk with SDO (NASA UClan SDO archive), V838 Monocerotis (NASA/STScl), NGC7424 (Gemini Observatory), M74 (NASA Hubble Space Telescope) NASA,and ESA ; and solar plume courtesy of SOHO /EIT consortium

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