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Jeremiah Horrocks Institute
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United Kingdom
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Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids (ILs) consist of ions held together by a strong Coulomb potential and can remain liquid up to around 400 K. The combination of cations and anions can be tuned to create ILs with desired properties. ILs are being investigated for applications such as gas capture, catalysis, lubrication and electrolyte in batteries and photovoltaic devices. ILs have very low vapour pressures and as a result can be studied in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions. This allows us to investigate the interactions of ILs at surfaces and interfaces using UHV surface science techniques.

Principal investigator: Karen Syres

top of page Header Image : Simulated Nanoparticle (Marco Pinna, Joe Smerdon), Solar disk with SDO (NASA UClan SDO archive), V838 Monocerotis (NASA/STScl), NGC7424 (Gemini Observatory), M74 (NASA Hubble Space Telescope) NASA,and ESA ; and solar plume courtesy of SOHO /EIT consortium

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