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Jeremiah Horrocks Institute
for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy,
University of Central Lancashire,
United Kingdom
Tel 01772 893312
Fax 01772 892996

Strongly Correlated Systems

Strongly correlated electron systems belong to the most intriguing and versatile materials. In these systems, competing interactions in charge, spin, orbital, and lattice degrees of freedom lead to the emergence of a multitude of exotic states, including unconventional superconductivity and magnetism, valence fluctuations, heavy fermions, phases with charge stripes or a pseudogap. At UCLan, we are interested in how subtle changes in material composition, pressure or magnetic field may tip the balance between the competing tendencies, resulting in complex phase diagrams.

Principal investigator: Monika Gamza, Paul Freeman

Exploratory Materials Synthesis & Characterization Group website: http://www.star.uclan.ac.uk/~mgamza/

top of page Header Image : Simulated Nanoparticle (Marco Pinna, Joe Smerdon), Solar disk with SDO (NASA UClan SDO archive), V838 Monocerotis (NASA/STScl), NGC7424 (Gemini Observatory), M74 (NASA Hubble Space Telescope) NASA,and ESA ; and solar plume courtesy of SOHO /EIT consortium

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