UCLan Solar Physics

High-resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C)

The movie below shows Active Region number 11520 on the 11 July 2012 and shows the full field-of-view of the Hi-C instrument. The boxed areas show two regions of interest. Bottom left: extreme ultra-violet 'sparkles' releasing huge amounts of energy (work led by Stephane Regnier (UCLan)). Top right: intense flows of electrified plasma racing along magnetic field lines within a solar prominence (work led by Caroline Alexander (UCLan))


Click here for the full resolution movie (116MB) or here for a smaller version of the movie (1MB). Movie credit: NASA/MSFC, UCLan

Full-disk SDO/AIA image of the Sun in the 193A filter (negative image). The red box shows the Hi-C field of view and the large lower image shows an example frame. Image credit: NASA/MSFC, UCLan


Link to paper on flows of plasma along filament threads. Status: submitted to ApJ (the Astrophysical Journal). PDF

Link to paper on 'sparkles' exhibited by explosive plasma. Status: about to be submitted to ApJ. PDF