Jeremiah Horrocks Institute

Theoretical Star Formation & Exoplanets


Group Leader

Dr. Dimitris Stamatellos (theoretical star formation, exoplanets, brown dwarfs, protoplanetary discs)


Alex Dunhill (protoplanetary discs, dynamics of circumbinary discs, planet formation)

Phd Students

Ben MacFarlane (“Disc-planet interactions: simulations and observational signatures”)

Anthony Mercer (“The thermodynamics of circumbinary discs”)

MSc Students

Kate Robinson (“The migration of planets in protoplanetary discs”)

MPhys Students

Tom Halpin (MPhys Project  2015-2016:: “The evolution of circumplanetary discs”)

Previous members

Anthony Mercer (MPhys Project 2014-2015: “The thermal history of protostellar discs”)

Ben Miller (MPhys Project  2014-2015: “Gap formation in protostellar discs”)

Tom Halpin (Summer Intern 2014: “The properties of young protostars”)

Andrew Barr (Summer Intern 2014: “The role of metallicity in disc fragmentation”)

Star Formation & Exoplanets @ UCLAN

JHI researchers have a wide range of interests that cover theoretical and observational aspects of star formation, exoplanets, and life in the Universe