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Welcome to the WWW pages of the Robert Walsh. I am a member of the Solar Physics Group, one of the research groups in the Centre for Astrophysics in the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Central Lancashire.

My research centres on modelling and observing the Sun's outer atmosphere or corona.

I study of the Sun through
  • space-based observations (SOHO and TRACE)
  • magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modelling of the solar atmosphere


Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics,
University of Central Lancashire
Preston, Lancashire,
Telephone: +44 (0)1772 893557, Fax: +44 (0)1772 892996
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In September 2002, the members of the Solar Physics Group organsied

At the Centre for Astrophysics, University of Central Lancashire. 
Monday 2nd Sept 2002 -  Friday 6th Sept 2002

Curriculum Vitae

1988-1992 : First class BSC Hons Applied Mathematics, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
1992-1995 : PhD in Solar Magnetohydrodynamics, Solar Theory Group, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
1996-1999 : PPARC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Solar Theory Group, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
2000- now : Lecturer in Astrophysics and Mathematics, University of Central Lancashire, Preston

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Some Publications (taken from ADS)

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1.00005/2001A                                                          U  
Walsh, R. W.
Solar Magnetohydrodynamics

1.00011/2000A  E                                                      U  
Walsh, R. W.; Galtier, S.
Intermittent heating in a model of solar coronal loops

1.00005/2000A                                                          U  
Walsh, R. W.; Galsgaard, K.
Modelling the Sun's Magnetic Carpet: Energy Release in the Corona due to the Relative Motion of Magnetic Fragments

1.00004/2000A                                                          U  
Pike, C. D.; Mason, H. E.; Walsh, R. W.
SunBlock '99- An Educational Resource

1.00003/2000A  E  F                      R                          U  
De Moortel, I.; Ireland, J.; Walsh, R. W.
Observation of oscillations in coronal loops

1.00012/1999A  E                                                      U  
Ireland, Jack; Wills-Davey, Meredith; Walsh, Robert W.
Coronal heating events in high-cadence TRACE data

1.00007/1999A  E  F                      R  C                      U  
Ireland, J.; Walsh, R. W.; Harrison, R. A.; Priest, E. R.
A wavelet analysis of active region oscillations

1.00007/1998A  E                                                      U  
Ireland, Jack; Walsh, Robert W.; Galsgaard, Klaus
Visualization of three-dimensional datasets

Walsh, Robert W.
Basic Concepts in Solar Magnetohydrodynamics

1.00000/1998                                                            U  
Walsh, R. W.; Ireland, J.; Mackay, D. H.; Galsgaard, K.; Longbottom, A. W.
Preliminary Results for Coronal Magnetic Fields as Suggested by MDI Magnetograms

1.00003/1997                                R                          U  
Walsh, R. W.; Bell, G. E.; Hood, A. W.
Discrete Random Heating Events in Coronal Loops

1.00000/1997                                                            U  
Walsh, R. W.; et al.
Active Region Blinkers: Transient Events in the Solar Atmosphere

1.00000/1996        F  G                  R  C                      U  
Walsh, R. W.; Bell, G. E.; Hood, A. W.
Validity of the Isobaric Assumption to the Solar Corona

1.00000/1995        F  G                  R  C                      U  
Walsh, R. W.; Bell, G. E.; Hood, A. W.
Time-Dependent Heating of the Solar Corona

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Selected presentations

  • Basking in the Sunshine: A New Encounter with our Closest Star
    Royal Institution of Great Britain Award Winning Lecture 2000

  • Royal Astronomical Society, Jan 2001
  • NAM/UKSP 2001, April 2001
  • Solar Orbiter Workshop. May 2001
  • Flux Braiding Models
  • EPS Plasma Physics Conference, Maderia, June 2001
    (Gzipped powerpoint presentation - hold down shift and then click on link to download)

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