Into Our Skies: Sun, Moon and Beyond (6-8th April)

Leap, skip, and zoom in to Space in a series of dance and science workshops at Alston Observatory this Easter. (6th – 8th April).

 Take part in fun and dynamic dance sessions followed by a Q&A with an Astrophysicist at a working observatory.

 Lucy Starkey, choreographer of Into Our Skies, will lead active and engaging sessions for children and their parents to explore the phenomenal world above our heads through movement. You will have the opportunity to ask Dr Joanne Pledger (Jeremiah Horrocks Institute) your questions about the marvellous, mysterious universe.

 These sessions give families an exciting way to delve in to the Space subject together. Incorporating National Curriculum topics, embrace your curiosity, and come together to play and learn.

Three unique workshops are available over consecutive days. Come to one, two or all three and learn about our Sun, Moon and Beyond.

We have morning sessions (10:30am – 12 noon) for ages 5-8 including parents/guardians

We have afternoon sessions (13:00 – 14:30pm) for ages 9-11 including parents/guardians

 Monday 6th April – “Sun” Move like plasma and radiate light. Be inspired by the loops, flares and spots in the Sun to shine brightly in this starry session.

 Tuesday 7th April – “Moon” Can you hold the moon in your hands? On an imaginative voyage, journey to the moon, roll and leap across it’s dusty surface.

 Wednesday 8th April – “Beyond” Explore the different shapes and sizes of galaxies beyond our own and discover how they entangle and entwine with each other.

Adults are encouraged to join in with their children, a maximum of three children per adult is allowed for safety reasons.

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