Steven Gough-Kelly

Steven Gough-Kelly

PhD Student | Galactic Dynamics

Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, UCLan



I am a PhD research student at the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, University of Central Lancashire as part of the Galaxy Dynamics research group led by Prof. Victor P. Debattista. My primary research is studying the formation of Box/Peanut bulges in barred-galaxies by comparing isolated and cosmological simulations to observations of external galaxies and the Milky Way.

My position is funded by the Moses Holden Studentship, dedicated to Lancashire astronomer and educator. I am currently a Junior Associate of the LSST:UK Consortium as part of the Galaxies; Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume Science Collaboration and a member of the N-Body Shop. Part of my current research, Gough-Kelly et al. (2022), bridges these two memberships by making predictions for kinematic differences between populations within the Milky Way bulge.

I have recently been appointed Membership Coordinator for the Royal Astronomical Society, Early Career Network Steering Committee. Find out more about the network here.

  • Galactic Structure
  • Galactic Formation and Evolution
  • Galactic Dynamics
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • PhD in Galaxy Dynamics, current

    Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, UCLan

  • MSc (by research) Astrophysics, 2019

    Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, UCLan

  • BSc (Hons) Astrophysics, 2018

    University of Central Lancashire


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