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Anne Sansom - Reader in Astrophysics, JHI, UCLan

At the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy (JHI), at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)


Recent papers from ADS Abstracts

Read about our involvement with Herschel IR/submm Key Project,
Herschel-ATLAS, in which I was a co-investigator: Herschel ATLAS.
Our research includes observations of dusty elliptical and lenticular galaxies
in the local universe. Follow-up observations include data from ALMA

I am a member of the consortium: Galaxy and Mass Assembly, GAMA,
which studies galaxies via multi-waveband observations, imaging and spectroscopy.

I am a member of the MILES consortium, which produces some of
the most widely used stellar libraries and stellar population models.
At UCLan, with MILES consortium collaborators, we have produced a new theoretical
stellar spectral library, available from UCLanData, with information in a README file.
Using our theoretical spectra, we have also produced a semi-empirical stellar library,
based on MILES stars, with varying [α/Fe], see link to sMILES (in Firefox).

Galaxies - Normal and Interacting

Covering x-ray, optical, infrared, submm and radio observations, plus stellar population modelling

X-rays Optical Infrared and Submm Stellar libraries


UCLan is a member of the UK consortium for the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT).
For further information on UK involvement with SALT see UKSC


Graduate students interested in studying galaxy evolution and stellar populations at the
JHI at UCLan, can find some description of the type of research being undertaken.
For September 2024 a full-time PhD studentship is available. See potential projects on Stellar Populations. I also supervise MSc by Research projects.
Information about PhD Projects in extragalactic astrophysics is available.
See further information and how to apply. Alternatvely, contact email: aesansom at uclan ac uk.

Some past and present PhD students (Main Supervisor):

Robert N. Proctor, PhD thesis, UCLan, 2002, "Metallicities and Stellar Populations in Spiral Bulges"
Mark N. Northeast, PhD thesis, UCLan, 2006, "Evolution of Galaxies - Star Formation Histories in Nearby Spheroids"
Nicola K. Agius, PhD thesis, UCLan, 2014, "Dust in Early-Type Galaxies using Herschel-ATLAS and GAMA Data"
Adam T. Knowles, PhD thesis, UCLan, 2019, "Stellar Population Models and Chemical Enrichment in Early-Type Galaxies"
David H. W. Glass, PhD thesis, UCLan, 2024, "Dust and Cool Gas Content and Distribution in Early-Type Galaxies"


I teach on modules in our on-campus Astrophysics degree (see undergraduate courses) and modules in
our distance learning Astronomy degree (see, as well as supervising dissertations,
projects and internships.

UVOIR/Project modules data

M71 Data Files: Link to M71 data here

M81 (=NGC3031 Spiral Galaxy) Data Files: Link to M81 data here

MHT Data for ZZAur_30Nov2023: ZZAur 30Nov2023 data

Local Group and beyond

The Local Group is a weakly bound group of galaxies, within a region of space about 2 Megaparsecs across,
including our Milky Way and its satellites. The image below shows the location of galaxies in the Local Group,
colour coded according to their type (see the key). The solid lines show galaxies above the plane and the
dotted lines show galaxies below the plane. Image credit: Brandner and Grebel.

Beyond the Local Group are other groups and clusters of galaxies. To explore the local region of the Universe see: Local Group

See images of galaxies in their 3-d space locations, in a fly-through of data from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly survey
in one of the three equatorial fields mapped by GAMA, showing filamentary and clustering structure, out to about redshift z=0.4.

email: aesansom at uclan ac uk
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