I am a heliophysics researcher in the University of Central Lancashire. My work concentrates on transport of charged energetic particles in the heliosphere, particularly the cross-field transport of particles perpendicular to the mean magnetic field.

  • Solar Energetic Particles
  • Heliophysics in general
  • Space Weather
  • PhD in Physics, 2003

    University of Turku, Finland

  • Docent (Habilitation/Adjunct Professor) in Space Physics Physics, 2008

    University of Turku, Finland

  • UK Higher Education Academy Fellowship (ref. PR118156), 2016

    University of Central Lancashire, UK

  • MSc in Physics, 1997

    University of Turku, Finland

Research interests

My primary research interests lie in the Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs). SEPs are fast electrons and charged ions that we observe during solar eruptions. Their origin is, after several decades of research, still being debated .

SEP acceleration

During solar eruptions, charged particles are accelerated to relativistic speeds. How are they accelerated?

SEP propagation in interplanetary space

SEPs originate at the Sun, 150 million km from the Earth. How do they get to Earth?