Group Members

People in the Solar Physics group and their research interests are listed below. Contact details can be found here.

The Solar Physics research group’s publications are collated at this link

Academic Staff
Dr. Danielle Bewsher Transient Transition Region phenomena (e.g., blinkers, explosive events, spicules), Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and dimming regions, STEREO/HI calibration
Dr. Daniel Brown Structure of solar magnetic fields, x-ray bright points, rotating sunspots, STEREO/HI calibration
Prof. Silvia Dalla Solar flares and CMEs, energetic particle acceleration during flares, Space Weather
Prof. Robert Walsh MHD Simulations, Coronal Heating, Coronal Loops, MHD Waves, Hi-C
Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr. Timo Laitinen Solar and Heliospheric Physics, Solar energetic particle modelling and data analysis
PhD and MSc Students
Daniel Gass Coronal Loops
Dan Johnson Rotating Sunspots
Adam Hutchinson Solar Energetic Particles
Ruth Hyndman Solar Energetic Particles
Charlotte Proverbs Rotating Sunspots
Affiliated Members
Martin Birch Effects of solar particle events within the Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere
John Hargreaves Effects of solar particle events within the Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere
Danny Lee Coronal Magnetic Topology and XBP Detection Algorithms
Bill Swalwell Solar Energetic Particles
Former group members
Daniel Burrack Solar Energetic Particles
Fraser Gillan STEREO HI and asteroids
Dr. Simon Thomas Solar Energetic Particles, Galactic Cosmic Rays and the Solar Wind
Dr. Thomas Williams MHD simulations, coronal loops, Alfven waves, plasma flows, Hi-C
Andrew Walker Rotating Sunspots
Peter Zelina Solar Energetic Particles
Don Doran Solar Energetic Particles
Mike Marsh Solar Oscillations, Space Weather, solar spectroscopy
Stéphane Régnier Solar magnetic fields, flares and CMEs
Caroline Alexander Multi-instrument observations of coronal loops, Hi-C
James Kelly Modelling of solar energetic particle propagation
Aveek Sarkar MHD Simulations, Coronal Heating, Coronal Loops, MHD Waves
Steven Chapman Diagnostic Observations of Coronal Hole Boundaries
Sotiris Adamakis Statistical studies of solar magnetic loops
Jaz Pearson Studies of Coronal Mass Ejections using STEREO Heliospheric Imagers
Giulio Del Zanna Solar spectroscopy
Susanna Parenti Solar spectroscopy