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Donut instructions


This is a standard reminder that it is your turn to organise the next donut meeting (Thursday, 11am, Le302 (room subject to change – see weekly email reminder)), and to give you a list of things you need to do.

N.B. If you will not be able to do it this week, then it is your job to arrange a stand-in to do it for you.

      • You will need to buy:

      • Ground coffee (1-2 packs depending on numbers) (Do not buy instant coffee or coffee beans)
      • Fresh milk (can be bought from the Foster Shop – 2 little 500ml cartons is enough)
      • Donuts


  1. Buy the donuts (about 10:15am). We normally get around 12 iced ring, 12 jam donuts, 4 chocolate ones and 4 toffee topped & custard filled ones (or some similar combination according to taste) from Gregg’s Bakery on Friargate Walk (on the indoor first floor of the St. George’s shopping center. NOTE there are two Greggs in The Mall and we get our donuts from the upstairs one). There is a standing order under the name “University”. Should cost about 18 pounds, but take advantage of any special offers they have.
  2. If you decide you want to supply something else, go ahead, but inform the Donut Master so that the Greggs order can be canceled for that week. It is recommended that you provide some Donuts, therefore, inform the Donut Master if you would like to reduce the order for that week.
  3. Make the coffee. It is preferable use the water boiler for this purpose. Start by 10:45am. The cafetieres and flasks should be in the Leighton kitchen. It’s best to make the coffee in the kitchen using the wall-mounted water boiler. Use about 10-12 heaped TEASPOONS of coffee for each cafetiere of water (about an inch deep in the cafetiere). Let it brew for about 5 minutes. Each flask holds around 1.5 cafetiere’s worth of coffee. Put one batch of coffee into the Thermos flask then make another – we get through 5 cafetieres worth per meeting.
  4. Make the tea. There is a white large teapot for this purpose in the Leighton kitchen. Use two teabags from the Twinings tin and fill the teapot with water to near the top, taking care to stop about an inch from the top to avoid spillage while carrying it. The tea is served almost immediately so is not necessary to remove the bags. Normally only one pot of tea is enough for the entire meeting, although it should be monitored along with coffee and refilled if it is necessary. Make sure of using fresh teabags at the moment of preparing more tea. The teapot is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher if desired.
  5. Bring the coffee, tea, donuts, milk, sugar (should be some in kitchen), and some teaspoons and napkins to the room for 11am.
  6. Remember to keep an eye on how much coffee (or tea) is left during the meeting and go and make more if it’s running low.
  7. Donuts finishes at 12pm sharp so we all need to be out of the room and have everything cleaned up by then. There are cloths in the kitchen if needed. Remember to return the cleaned flasks and cafetieres to the kitchen and put any left-over mugs and spoons in the dishwasher. If there are coffee and donuts left over put them in Le302 where they will be finished off throughout the day.
  8. Enjoy the meeting!

Thanks from everyone!

Current Donut Master : Raeesa Parker (