Donuts Instructions

Donuts is organised to run weekly on Thursdays at 11am in LE302 (postgraduate research office); please see the rota to check when it is your turn to host. On non-teaching weeks, Donuts can also move to LE002 or LE003 (ground floor).

There is a standing order for “UCLan/University” with the Greggs inside St George’s Shopping Center (14 Orchard St, Preston, PR1 2EN, 01772 252 994) for the following Donuts: 

  • 12 Jam
  • 8 Yum Yums
  • 4 Chocolate filled
  • 4 Caramel w custard

NOTE there are two Greggs in The Mall, and we order from the one upstairs).

This order typically costs around 20 pounds, but take advantage of any special offers they have, or you can change the order depending on your preference.

If you want to supply something else, go ahead, but inform the Donut Master so they can cancel or amend the Greggs order for that week. You should provide some Donuts; therefore, advise the Donut Master if you would like to reduce the order for that week.

You will also need to buy the following:

  1.  Ground coffee (1 pack). Do not buy instant coffee or coffee beans. Marks and Spencer, also in St Georges, sell a dark roast ground coffee with the number ‘3’ on the front as an example.
  2. Fresh milk (can be bought from Tesco) – 1 little 500ml carton is usually enough).

Setting up Donuts

  1. Make the coffee using the cafetieres or the coffee machine in Leighton kitchen (start by 10:45am). 
    1. Cafetiere: It’s best to make the coffee in the kitchen using the wall-mounted water boiler. Use about 10-12 heaped TEASPOONS of coffee for each cafetiere of water (about an inch deep in the cafetiere). Let it brew for about 5 minutes.
    2. Coffee Machine: Fill the water on the back of the device with cold water. Open the front of the device and insert a coffee filter found in the kitchen. Add 6 level tablespoons of coffee and close the front. Ensure the coffee pot is under the spout and press the power button once.
    3. Each flask holds around 1.5 cafetieres or a machine’s cycle worth of coffee. Put one batch of coffee into the Thermos flasks also in the kitchen then make another – we get through 3-4 cafetieres worth per meeting.
  2. Make the tea. The Leighton kitchen has a white and blue teapot for this purpose. Use two teabags from the Twinings tin and fill the teapot with water near the top, taking care to stop about an inch from the top to avoid spillage while carrying it. The tea is served almost immediately, so removing the bags is unnecessary. Usually, only one pot of tea is enough for the entire meeting, although it should be monitored along with coffee and refilled if necessary. Make sure to use fresh teabags at the moment of preparing more tea.
  3. Bring the coffee, tea, donuts, milk, sugar (there should be some in the kitchen), teaspoons, and napkins/paper towels to the designated room for 11am.
  4. Remember to watch how much coffee (or tea) is left during the meeting and go and make more if it’s running low.
  5. Donuts finishes at 12pm sharp, so we all need to be out of the room and have everything cleaned up by then. There are cloths in the kitchen if required. Return flasks and cafetieres to the kitchen and wash them along with any left-over mugs and spoons. If coffee and donuts are left over, put them in Le302, where they will be finished throughout the day.
  6. Enjoy the meeting!

Current Donut Master: Steven Gough-Kelly (sgough-kelly @