Seminar Programme

Seminars take place on Wednesdays at 16:00 in Foster Building Lecture Theatre 2 or via MS Teams, followed by Wine & Cheese in Le109 at 17:00 (unless otherwise noted). The seminars are coordinated by Daniel Holdsworth. Additional astrophysical seminars within 2 hours of UCLan are held at Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Keele, and Sheffield.

Detailed Seminar abstracts:

Winter and Spring Semester 2023/2024

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title Host
Thursday 27th June 16:00 FBLT3 Yuri Fujii Kyoto University Formation of satellite systems around Jupiter and Saturn D. Stamatellos
Thursday 6th June 16:00 Le109 Jerzy Kubacki University of Silesia Improving the mechanism of resistive switching in SrTiO3 based on the study on electronic structure of iron-doped thin films M. Gamza
5th June 16:00 FBLT2 Sean Giblin University of Cardiff Towards measurement of coherence in a correlated system using Qubits P. Freeman
29th May 16:00 FBLT3 Richard McCracken Heriot-Watt University Hunting for exoplanets with a fine-toothed comb D. Holdsworth
22nd May 16:00 FBLT3 Ricardo Schiavon LJMU On the origin of all Galactic globular clusters—the living and the dead A. Sansom
15th May 16:00 FBLT3 Stephen Lynch Cardiff University Rydberg Excitons: Artificial Atoms in Crystals T. Mercer
8th May 16:00 FBLT3 Andrew Blain University of Leicester The most extreme objects and the interstellar medium D. Ward-Thompson
1st May 16:00 FBLT3 Dimitri Gadotti Durham University Formation and evolution of bulges and bars in disc galaxies V. Debattista
24th April 16:00 FBLT3 Joseph Barker University of Leeds Metadynamics calculations of the effect of thermal spin fluctuations on skyrmion stability S. Lepadatu
17th April 16:00 FBLT3 Clare Dobbs University of Exeter The formation of clusters and associations in spiral galaxies V. Debattista
POSTPONED 16:00 FBLT3 Richard McCracken Heriot-Watt University Hunting for exoplanets with a fine-toothed comb D. Holdsworth
27th March 16:00 FBLT3 James Mullaney University of Sheffield The Climate of Black Hole Growth M. Norris
20th March 16:00 FBLT4 Joe Lyman Warwick University Transient astrophysics with the Gravitational wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO) J. Pledger
13th March 16:00 FBLT3 Zoë Henderson NSG Group Glass Surfaces on the Nanoscale: Surface Analysis at NSG Pilkington K. Syres
6th March 16:00 FBLT3 Steven Longmore LJMU Early results from the ALMA Large Program, ACES (“ALMA Central Molecular Zone Exploration Survey”) D. Ward-Thompson
28th February 16:00 FBLT3 Ziri Younsi UCL Studying Black Holes on Event Horizon-Scales D. Ward-Thompson
21st February 16:00 FBLT3 Sean Giblin University of Cardiff POSTPONED P. Freeman
7th February 16:00 FBLT3 Alex Hall Royal Observatory Edinburgh Testing the concordance cosmological model with Euclid V. Debattista
24th January 16:00 FBLT4 Pavel Kroupa University of Bonn The first star clusters and the formation of super-massive black holes therein B. Patterson


Autumn Semester 2023

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
6th December 16:00 FBLT2 Subrayal Reddy UCLan Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: A Journey Towards Artificial Antibodies for Biological and Diagnostic (Biosensor) Applications
29th November 16:00 FBLT2 Michelle Collins University of Surrey POSTPONED
22nd November 16:00 FBLT2 Iain Hannah University of Glasgow Focusing on faint solar X-rays
8th November 16:00 FBLT2 John Stott Lancaster University Anisotropic quenching of satellite galaxies and novel galaxy cluster detection
1st November 16:00 TBD UCLan Opening of the Isabella Holden Telescope at Alston
11th October 16:00 FBLT3 Licia Ray Lancaster University Neither here nor there: The coupling between giant planets and their surroundings
7th September 16:00 LE110 Soumavo Ghosh Max Planck Institute Can (stellar) bars form in presence of hot thick discs?


Summer Semester 2023

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
2nd August 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLan CARD talks: Charlotte Proverbs, Matthew Teasdale, Amar Rambukwella-Gill
26th July 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLan CARD talks: Ruth Hyndman, Ethan Carter, Joshua Stanway
19th July 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLan CARD talks: Jamie Banister, Graham Fleming, Christopher Inman
12th July 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLan CARD talks: Alexia Lopez, Jake Brooks, Janik Karoly


Winter and Spring Semester 2022/2023

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
28th June 16:00 Robert Walsh UCLan
14th June 16:00 FBLT2 Tim O’Brien University of Manchester
8th June 16:00 FBLT2 David Sears and the cast of ‘Horrox’ Cambridge The life of Jeremiah Horrocks
7th June 16:00 FBLT2 Shih Ping Lai National Technical University, Taiwan Exploring the Early Stages of Star Formation
24th May 16:00 FBLT2 Ian Sherrington UCLan Tribology for beginners
29 March 16:00 TBC Anthony Whitworth Cardiff University Massive cloud/cloud collisions and their aftermath
22 March 16:00 TBC Licia Ray University of Lancaster Postponed
15 March 16:00 TBC Zoe Henderson NSG Group Industry Seminar
8 March 16:00 LE110 Robert Wicks University of Northumbria The radial scaling of the magnetic field spectrum in the near Sun solar wind; Parker Solar Probe and aims for a map of the structure of the inner heliosphere with MeerKAT.
1 March 16:00 FBLT2 Beth Biller University of Edinburgh Partly Cloudy with Molten Iron Rain: Characterising Exoplanet Atmospheres via Direct Imaging
22 February 16:00 FBLT4 Kate Pattle UCL Interstellar Magnetic Fields: From Star Formation to Galaxy Evolution
8 February 16:00 TBC Andrew Whitehead Versarien Industry seminar – POSTPONED
25 January 16:00 TBC Pete Riley Predictive Science (US) POSTPONED


Autumn Semester 2022

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
7th December 16:00 FBLT2 Daniel Verscharen UCL Exploring cosmic plasma physics with Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter
30th November 16:00 FBLT2 Licia Ray Lancaster University Planetary magnetospheres and aurora – POSTPONED
23rd November 16:00 FBLT2 Beth Biller University of Edinburgh POSTPONED
16th November 16:00 FBLT2 Thomas Rees-Crockford Queen’s University Belfast Pre-emergence Signatures of Horizontal Divergent Flows in Solar
Active Regions
2nd November 16:00 FBLT2 David Williams University of Manchester Radio transients in the run up to the SKA and ngVLA
19th October 16:00 FBLT2 Soko Matsumura University of Dundee The origins of the diversity of extrasolar planetary systems
12th October 16:00 FBLT2 Helen Walker STFC ISIS Exploring atomic structure and dynamics in barocalorics for solid-state cooling
5th October 16:00 FBLT2 Rob Crain LJMU The coupled roles of halo assembly history, black hole growth and circumgalactic gas expulsion in governing galaxy evolution
28th September 16:00 FBLT2 Mingee Chung University of Birmingham Quantum Magnetism in One Dimension
21st September 16:00 FBLT2 Ray Brederode Jodrell Bank Overview of the Square Kilometre Array Project


Summer Semester 2022

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
14th September 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Björn Ólafsson
31st August 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Graham Fleming, Christopher Inman, Amelia Sharp
24th August 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Janik Karoly, Charlotte Proverbs, Jamie Banister
17th August 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Steven Gough-Kelly, Alexia Lopez, Jake Brooks
10th August 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Callum Mackinnon, Adam Fenton, Jordan Cole
3rd August 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Matthew Teasdale, Adam Hutchinson
27th July 16:00 LE109 Student JHI/UCLAN CARD: Richard Pomeroy, Ethan Carter, Simon Ebo

Winter & Spring Semester 2022

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
15 June 16:00 FBLT2 Philippa Browning University of Manchester Modelling plasma heating, particle acceleration and oscillations in solar flares
8 June 16:00 FBLT3 Ron Lifshitz Tel Aviv University What is a Crystal? A new paradigm for an old question
25 May 16:00 FBLT2 Julie Wardlow Lancaster University Understanding the environments of extreme dusty star-forming galaxies in the distant Universe
11 May 16:00 Mitchell & Kenyon Cinema Michael Buttery ESR Technology Tribology of Spacecraft Mechanisms: 48-Million Miles Without an Oil Change
27 April 16:00 FBLT2 Rob Crain LJMU The coupled roles of halo assembly history, black hole growth and circumgalactic gas expulsion in governing galaxy evolution POSTPONED
20 April 16:00 TBD   School Research Event  
30 March 16:00 FBLT2 Martin Wheatman   Speech is the Universal Machine: programming in natural language
16 March 16:00 FBLT2 Jim Wild Lancaster University Extreme magnetic field disturbances and their role in space weather impacts
9 March 16:00 FBLT2 Dejan Vinković & Bojan Pečnik HiperSfera A QUEST TO PSEUDO-SATELLITES


Autumn Semester 2021

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
15 December 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Björn Olafsson UCLAN/JHI CARD
8 December 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Claudia Mendes de Oliveira University of São Paulo S-PLUS Galactic survey
1 December 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Martin Wheatman POSTPONED    POSTPONED
24 November 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Manolis Xilouris NATIONAL OBSERVATORY OF ATHENS How many old and young stars do local galaxies host?
17 November 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT3 Edward Laird Lancaster University Searching for dark matter using quantum technology
10 November 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Larry Widrow Queen’s University, Canada In the Balance: Statis is Disequilibrium in the Milky Way
20 October 15:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Ruizhi Yang University of Science and Technology of China LHAASO and the Galactic Cosmic rays
6 October 16:00 MS Teams/FBLT2 Stephen Eales Cardiff University Dust in the Universe from z=0 to z=5


Summer Semester 2021

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
22 September 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:
15 September 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:
8 September 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:
1 September 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:
25 August 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:
18 August 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:
11 August 16:00 Blended Student JHI/UCLAN CARD:


Winter & Spring Semester 2021

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
31 March 16:00 MS Teams Ben Williams Oxford PV From Lab. To Fab: How fundamental materials science is used to progress Oxford PV’s perovskite/Si PV technology
24 March 16:00 MS Teams Aleksandra Leśniewska Adam Mickiewicz University Theme: Dust production and dust destruction in galaxies
17 March 16:00 MS Teams Paul Warren NSG Energy Efficiency and Energy Production – How R&D in the Flat Glass Industry is Making a Difference
10 March 16:00 MS Teams James Trussler Cambridge Unveiling the roles of mass, environment and structure in galaxy quenching
3 March 16:00 MS Teams Erik Cox Deheat CANCELLED
24 February 16:00 MS Teams John Armstrong University of Glasgow A Machine Learning Approach to Correcting Atmospheric Seeing in Solar Flare Observations
17 February 16:00 MS Teams Stephen Hodge Versarien Plc. G-SCALE: Accelerating the Commercialisation of Graphene
3 February 16:00 MS Teams Natasha Jeffrey Northumbria University Solar flares: our laboratory for understanding particle acceleration and transport processes
20 January 16:00 MS Teams Clive Tadhunter University of Sheffield How are quasars triggered?


Autumn Semester 2020

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
9 December 16:00 MS Teams George Ellison UCLan COVID-19 and the epistemology of epidemiological models at the dawn of AI
2 December 16:00 MS Teams Nicolas Labrosse University of Glasgow Solar Promience Diagnostics with IRIS
18 November 16:00 MS Teams Stijn Wuyts University of Bath A multi-tracer view on galaxies since cosmic noon: census, scaling relations and evolution
4 November 16:00 MS Teams John Ilee University of Leeds Massive discs around young stars
21 October 16:00 MS Teams Phil Sutton University of Lincon The Importance of Planetary Rings as Astrophysical Laboratories
7 October 16:00 MS Teams Joe Smerdon UCLan Fibonacci, Penrose, Harry Potter? An introduction to the strange world of quasicrystals


Summer Semester 2020

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
23 September 16:00 MS Teams Saul Phiri JHI/UCLAN CARD: Properties of giant molecular clouds in the nearby galaxy M33
  16:15 MS Teams Udit Tiwari JHI/UCLAN CARD: Moisture stable soot coated methylammonium lead iodide perovskite photoelectrodes for hydrogen production in water
16 September 16:00 MS Teams Raeesa Parker JHI/UCLAN CARD: A zoo of protoplanetary discs observed with ALMA
  16:15 MS Teams Kasim Ali JHI/UCLAN CARD: CaMn2Bi2 – a correlated hybridization gap semiconductor?
  16:30 MS Teams Daniel Johnson JHI/UCLAN CARD: Sunspot Rotation and Solar Activity
  16:45 MS Teams Adam Fenton JHI/UCLAN CARD: Fragmentation of Protoplanetary Discs as a Mechanism for Planet Formation
9 September 16:00 MS Teams Steven Gough-Kelly JHI/UCLAN CARD: Separation of Milky Way Bulge Kinematics
  16:15 MS Teams Jordan Cole JHI/UCLAN CARD: CO2 Absorption in Superbasic Ionic Liquid Thin Films
  16:30 MS Teams Tigran Khachaturyants JHI/UCLAN CARD:
  16:45 MS Teams Alexia Lopez JHI/UCLAN CARD:
2 September 16:00 MS Teams Simon Ebo JHI/UCLAN CARD: Planets Orbiting Pulsating Stars
  16:15 MS Teams Daniel Gass JHI/UCLAN CARD: A Long Term Survey of Coronal Loops in EUV and its Benefits for Coronal Physics Research
  16:45 MS Teams Callum Mackinnon JHI/UCLAN CARD: The role of an additional interfacial spin-transfer torque for current-driven skyrmion dynamics in chiral magnetic layers
  16:45 MS Teams Adam Hutchinson JHI/UCLAN CARD: Energetic proton back-precipitation onto the solar atmosphere
26 August 16:00 MS Teams Tom Davison JHI/UCLAN CARD: Measuring Ex-Situ Fractions of Galaxies with EAGLE and MUSE
  16:15 MS Teams Vanessa Fairhurst JHI/UCLAN CARD: SCUBA-2 Observations of the Hub-Filament Structure in Star Forming Region Barnard 59
  16:30 MS Teams Ron Savage JHI/UCLAN CARD: Optical Spectroscopy of Dusty Early-Type Galaxies using the Southern African Large Telescope
19 August 16:00 MS Teams Daniel Burrack JHI/UCLAN CARD: High Energy Solar Energetic Particles as viewed by STEREO
  16:15 MS Teams David Glass JHI/UCLAN CARD: Exploring the Molecular Gas Kinematics of ALMA-Observed Early-Type Galaxies
12 August 16:00 MS Teams Fraser Gillan JHI/UCLAN CARD: Automatic Detection of Solar System Objects in NASA’s STEREO Data
  16:15 MS Teams Jamie Banister JHI/UCLAN CARD: Spectroscopic Signatures of Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters


Winter & Spring Semester 2020

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
10 June 16:00 FBLT2 Jim Wild POSTPONED Lancaster University Theme: Space Weather POSTPONED
13 May 16:00 FBLT2 Matthew Bate POSTPONED University of Exeter Theme: Protostellar Disks POSTPONED
6 May 16:00 FBLT2 Heike Arnolds POSTPONED University of Liverpool Proteins at surfaces – from single crystals to fabrics POSTPONED
29 April 16:00 FBLT2 David Williams POSTPONED University of Oxford Theme: Radio Transients POSTPONED
15 April 16:00 FBLT2 Easter Break    
8 April 16:00 FBLT2 Easter Break    
1 April 16:00 FBLT2 Soko Matsumura POSTPONED University of Dundee Theme: Planet Formation POSTPONED
20 March 16:00 FBLT2 Cleo Loi
University of Cambridge Magneto-gravity waves in red giant stars: a 3D ray tracing study POSTPONED
4 March 16:00 FBLT2 Dato Kuridze Aberystwyth University High-resolution Measurement of the Magnetic Field of Solar Coronal Loops
26 February 16:00 FBLT2 Annabel Cartwright Cardiff University Making New Ideas Work
19 February 16:00 FBLT2 Mid semester Break    
12 February 16:00 FBLT2 Gary Hogben Feedwater Ltd Preventing water borne infections in a post antibiotic world
5 February 16:00 FBLT2 Iain Crosley Hosokawa Micron Creation and Application of Advanced Functional Materials in Industry
29 January 16:00 FBLT2 Eugene Vasiliev University of Cambridge Dynamical modelling of stellar systems in the Gaia era
22 January 16:00 FBLT2 Thebe Medupe North West University, South Africa 23 min period pulsations in a Herbig Ae Star: HD 68695


Autumn Semester 2019

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
18 December 16:00 FBLT2 Rudi Ganss JHI/UCLan CARD: Metallicity Estimation of Core-Collapse Supernova Environments within 30 Mpc
4 December 16:00 FBLT2 Paul Keatley University of Exeter Time-resolved Scanning Kerr Microscopy of Magnetization Dynamics at the Nanoscale
20 November 16:00 FBLT2 Matt Owens University of Reading Sun to Mud: The Challenges of Forecasting Within the Coupled Space-Weather System
13 November 16:00 FBLT2 James Owen Imperial College London The Origin of Close-in Exoplanets
6 November 16:00 FBLT2 Alex Walton University of Manchester Understanding Electrocatalysts – One Man’s Journey
30 October 16:00 FBLT2 David Aguado University of Cambridge Looking for the Most Metal-Poor Stars in the Milky Way
23 October 16:00 FBLT2 Mid Semester Break    
16 October 16:00 FBLT2 Daisuke Kawata MSSL/UCL Galactic Disk Dynamics with Gaia and JASMINE
9 October 16:00 FBLT2 Naomi Frimpong University of Manchester Probing the Evolution of High Mass Protostars: An ALMA Astrochemical Survey
2 October 16:00 FBLT2 Paul Freeman UCLan When a Simple Quantum Magnet Heats Up


Summer Semester 2019

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
28 August 16:00 MB051 Jack Hanson JHI/UCLAN CARD: The Magnetism of Charge-Stripe Ordered Nickelates
  16:30 MB051 Simon Ebo JHI/UCLAN CARD: MOSES: MHT Optical Star and Exoplanet Survey
21 August 16:00 MB051 Jordan Thirwell JHI/UCLAN CARD: Decoding the spectral energy distribution of M33
  16:30 MB051 David Glass JHI/UCLAN CARD: Building Clean and Complete Galaxy Samples from the GAMA Equatorial Regions
14 August 16:00 MB051 Steven Gough-Kelly JHI/UCLAN CARD: Proper Motions of Bulge Stars
  16:30 MB051 Graham Fleming JHI/UCLAN CARD: Revealing the Two Horns of Taurus with Gaia DR2
7 August 16:00 MB051 Tigran Khachaturyants JHI/UCLAN CARD: Uncovering the Star Formation History of the Milky Way Warp with Gaia
  16:30 MB051 Daniel Johnson JHI/UCLAN CARD: Coronal Mass Ejection Kinetic Neergy Approximation
31 July 16:00 MB051 Alexia Lopez JHI/UCLAN CARD: Mg II Absorbers in Cosmology
  16:30 MB051 Kris Clarke JHI/UCLAN CARD: Integral field Spectroscopy of Compact Elliptical Galaxies
24 July 16:00 MB051 Raeesa Parker JHI/UCLAN CARD: A Zoo of Protoplanetary Discs Observed with ALMA
  16:30 MB051 Conor Moorfield JHI/UCLAN CARD: An Investigation into Non-Linear Transverse Susceptibility as a Basis for Improving the Measurement of Anisotropy in Magnetic Powdered Samples
17 July 16:00 MB051 Saul Phiri JHI/UCLAN CARD: Properties of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Nearby Galaxies
  16:30 MB051 Tracey Friday JHI/UCLAN CARD: Investigations of the Cosmic Web at High Redshifts
10 July 16:00 Le002 Daniel Gass JHI/UCLAN CARD: Will a Long Term Survey of Coronal Loops Reveal Properties of the Coronal Magnetic Field?
  16:30 Le002 Amar Rambukwella-Gill JHI/UCLAN CARD: Moses: MHT Optical Star and Exoplanet Survey


Winter & Spring Semester 2019

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
26 Jun 16:00 FBLT2 Jose-Luis Gomez Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía Imaging Supermassive Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope
19 Jun 16:00 FBLT2 Daniel Bayliss Warwick Exoplanet Science with NGTS and TESS
12 Jun 16:00 FBLT2      
5 Jun 16:00 FBLT2      
 29 May 16:00 FBLT2 Nicholas Devereux Embry-Riddle University Giant Broad-Line Regions in Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
 22 May 16:00 FBLT2 Phil Lucas Hertfordshire YSO Variability in VVV: Episodic Accretion, Disc Occultations and Explosions
 15 May 16:00 FBLT2      
 8 May 16:00 FBLT2 Jason Sanders Cambridge Our Multi-Dimensional, Time-Evolving Galaxy
 1 May 16:00 FBLT2 Catherine Walsh Leeds The Chemistry of Planet-Forming Disks in the Era of ALMA
 24 Apr 16:00 FBLT2      
 17 Apr 16:00 FBLT2 Lister Staveley-Smith ICRAR, University of Western Australia The Square Kilometre Array and Pathfinders
 10 Apr 16:00 FBLT2 Rosa Arrigo Salford Unveiling Materials Chemistry and Catalysis: My Research Journey using Synchrotron Light
 3 Apr 16:00 FBLT2 Cassandra Hall Leicester Gravitational Instability and Substructure in Protoplanetary Discs
 27 Mar 16:00 FBLT2 Stewart Eyres University of South Wales Nova sub capita Cygni
 20 Mar 16:00 FBLT2 Cristina Martínez Lombilla Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) In Quest for the Faintest Features of Galaxy Discs
 13 Mar 16:00 FBLT2 Youra Taroyan Aberystwyth Amplification of Magnetic Twists During Prominence Formation
 6 Mar          
 27 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Gert Botha Northumbria Rotating Sunspots
 20 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Leandro Beraldo E Silva JHI/UCLAN The Discreteness-Driven Relaxation of Collisionless Gravitating Systems
 13 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Gary Hogben Feedwater Ltd Microbial challenges in water treatment: The Feedwater Ltd perspective
 6 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Iain Crosley Hosokawa Micron Ltd Creation and Application of Advanced Functional Materials in Industry
 30 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Dermot Gethings PADAS The Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock
 23 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Pedro Rivera-Díaz-del-Castillo Lancaster Design strategies for advanced alloys: titanium, steel and high-entropy alloys
 16 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Stephen Power Lancaster Classifying Crystals and Periodic Spatial Graphs (nets)
 9 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Simon Goodwin Sheffield The Same, But Different?


Autumn Semester 2018

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
 12 Dec 16:00 FBLT2      
 5 Dec 16:00 FBLT2 Isabella Lamberti  UCL Dust properties of nearby galaxies from the JINGLE survey derived using a hierarchical Bayesian approach
 28 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 Sean Giblin Cardiff Studies of Monopole Motion in Frustrated Magnets
 21 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 Beatriz Sanchez-Cano  Leicester  Space weather and comet interactions with Mars
 14 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 René Laureijs  ESA Euclid: ESA’s dark energy mission – present status and outlook
 7 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 David Pontin  Dundee Understanding the structuring of the solar wind based on coronal magnetic field topology
 31 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 Ben Davies  LJMU The deaths of massive stars
24 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 Rudi Ganss  JHI/UCLan CARD: Constraining Progenitor Stars of Type Ib/c Supernovae by Probing the Local HII Environments
17 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 Tony Arber Warwick The Solar Chromosphere
 10 Oct 16:00 FBLT2     No seminar
 3 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 Sebastien Viaene  Hertfordshire Origin and fate of dust lanes in ETGs


Summer Semester 2018

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
12th September 16:00 FBLT2 Jack Ireland NASA Coronal Fourier Power Spectra: Implications for Coronal Seismology and Coronal Heating
10th July 16:00 MB049 Tigran Kh. JHI/UCLan CARD: The Evolution of the Milky Way in the era of Gaia.
  16:30 MB049 Tom Davison JHI/UCLan CARD: Uncovering the Formation of S0 Galaxies using their Stellar Populations.
29th August 16:00 MB049 Adam Knowles JHI/UCLan CARD: Generating a Theoretical Stellar Library for Stellar Population Analysis.
  16:30 MB049 Simon Smalley JHI/UCLan CARD: Molecular Electronics!
22nd August 16:00 MB049 David Glass JHI/UCLan CARD: Studies of the cool dust and molecular gas content and distribution in early-type galaxies.
  16:30 MB049 Chris Kaye JHI/UCLan CARD: Streamlines : The Evolving Story of a Parallelepiped.
8th August 16:00 MB049 Zoë Henderson JHI/UCLan CARD: Reversible CO2 Reaction with a Superbasic Ionic Liquid.
  16:30 MB049 Raeesa Parker JHI/UCLan CARD: Categorising protoplanetary disc asymmetries observed with ALMA.
1st August 16:00 MB049 Thomas Kirk JHI/UCLan CARD: Definable Topological Dynamics of Metastable Theories.
  16:30 MB049 Jordan Thirlwall JHI/UCLan CARD: Decoding the Spectral Energy Distribution of M33.
25th July 16:00 MB049 Tracey Friday JHI/UCLan CARD: Cosmic Microwave Background X Large Scale Structure Correlations.
  16:30 MB049 Anthony Mercer JHI/UCLan CARD: Efficient radiative transfer techniques in hydrodynamic simulations.
18 Jul 16:00 FBLT2 Jerry Sellwood   The origin of spirals in galaxies
20 Jun 16:00 FBLT2 Farzana Meru Cambridge Spirals, rings, gaps and asymmetries: using disc structure to infer planet formation processes
13 Jun 16:00 FBLT2 Paul Bushby Newcastle Magnetic buoyancy instabilities in the solar tachocline


Winter/Spring Semester 2018

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
30 May 16:00 FBLT2 Meiert Grootes  ESA/ESTEC Gas-Fuelling in the Group Environment
23 May 16:00 FBLT2  (Cancelled)    
16 May 16:00 FBLT2 Andrew Harrison  Essex Mind-altering microbes
09 May 16:00 FBLT2 Ricardo Schiavon  LJMU  Chemical Tagging with APOGEE: Discovery of a new old stellar population in the Galactic bulge
02 May 16:00 FBLT2 Kenneth Marsh  Cardiff  Point Processes and Dust: Squeezing more information from the observations
25 Apr 16:00 FBLT2  (Cancelled)    
18 Apr 16:00 FBLT2 Goran Nilsen Oxfordshire The long road to the kagome lattice antiferromagnet: a few materials met along the way…
11 Apr 16:00 FBLT2 Lee Kelvin LJMU Variation in Galaxy Structure Across the Green Valley
04 Apr 16:00 FBLT2      
28 Mar 16:00 FBLT2      
21 Mar 16:00 FBLT2  Andrew Harrison  Cambridge Measuring the Mechanics of Cell Division
14 Mar 16:00 FBLT2  Anthony Yeates  Durham  Can we drive coronal evolution models from magnetic maps?
07 Mar 16:00 FBLT2 Amery Gration  Leicester Dynamical modelling of dwarf-spheroidal galaxies using Gaussian-process emulation
28 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Rebecca Smethurst  Nottingham The co-evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes: the search for observational evidence of AGN feedback
21 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 JHI Postgrads  UCLan/JHI 1st year Postgrad talks
14 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Richard Hull  UCLan The Grenfell Tower Fire: A very British Tragedy
07 Feb 16:00 FBLT2 Min Du  Beijing The effect of nuclear bars on kinematics, dynamics, and black hole growth of spiral galaxies
31 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Renske Smit  Cambridge A panchromatic view of galaxies during the cosmic dawn
24 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Anne-Marie Broomhall  Warwick Seismological insights into the magnetic activity of the Sun and other stars
17 Jan 16:00 FBLT2 Georgia De Nolfo  NASA Goddard Understanding High Energy Solar Energetic Particles with PAMELA
10 Jan 16:00 FBLT2  Richard Hugtenburg  Swansea “Towards real-time transmission dosimetry in radiotherapy with large-format, monolithic active-pixel sensors (MAPS)”

Autumn Semester 2017

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
14 Dec AM – TBC TBC Patrick Sutton Cardiff  Gravitational waves
13 Dec 16:00 FBLT2 Mykola Gordovskyy Manchester  Fluid and kinetic modelling of solar flares: from simulations to observations
6 Dec 16:00 FBLT2 Adam Avison Manchester Uncovering the evolution of high-mass protostars with ALMA
29 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 Russell Smith Durham Weighing the Initial Mass Function with gravitational lenses in the backyard
22 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 David Burgess QMUL Linking astrophysical and space plasmas with the Earth’s bow shock
15 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 Aidan Hindmarch Durham Spintronics: understanding pure spin currents for future applications in computing
8 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 Elizabeth Stanway Warwick Exploring the properties of distant star formation with observations and models
1 Nov 16:00 FBLT2 Barry Smalley Keele The Am stars: peculiarities, pulsations and planets
25 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 David Eden LJMU Star formation scales and efficiency in Galactic spiral arms
18 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Darren Graham Manchester Developing terahertz radiation sources for particle acceleration: A route to future table-top accelerators
11 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Claire Esau Sheffield Measuring mass segregation in young star clusters and the effects of 2D projection
4 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Sargam Mulay Cambridge Active region jets in the Solar atmosphere
3 Oct 12:00 HB159 Richard Booth Cambridge The link between planet formation and disc evolution
27 Sep 16:00 FBLT3 Derek Ward-Thompson, Don Kurtz & Robert Walsh UCLan The Great Eclipse of 2017

Summer Semester 2017

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
06 Sep 16:00 Le002 Chris Kaye JHI/UCLan CARD: Simulating Recollimation Shocks in Astrophysical Jets
  16:30   Ben MacFarlane JHI/UCLan CARD: Investigating the properties of young embedded protostellar discs
30 Aug 16:00 Le002 Martin Hall JHI/UCLan CARD: A Semi-Automated Approach to the Abundance Analysis of Ap Stars
  16:30   Jordan Thirlwall JHI/UCLan CARD: Decoding the spectral energy distribution of M33
23 Aug 16:00 Le002 Zoe Henderson JHI/UCLan CARD: Reversible CO2 Reaction with a Superbasic Ionic Liquid
  16:30   Tom Kirk JHI/UCLan CARD: Using Group Decomposition to simplify Dynamical Systems
16 Aug 16:00 Le002 Simon Smalley JHI/UCLan CARD: Molecular ordering and self-assembly on the Ag(100) surface
  16:30   Raeesa Parker JHI/UCLan CARD: The search for pebbles around young stars
09 Aug 16:00 Le002 Tracey Friday JHI/UCLan CARD: CMB cross-correlation rabbit hole
  16:30   Adam Knowles JHI/UCLan CARD: Building a Semi-Empirical Stellar Library
02 Aug 16:00 Le002 Bill Swalwell JHI/UCLan CARD: False Alarms in the Forecasting of Solar Energetic Particle Events
  16:30   Danny Lee JHI/UCLan CARD: Potential Magnetic Fields: Null-Like Points and Squashing Factors
26 Jul 16:00 Le002 Sam Earp JHI/UCLan CARD: Even More Galaxy Tilting in Cosmological Simulations
  16:30   Anthony Mercer JHI/UCLan CARD: Can planets form through gravitational fragmentation in protostellar discs?
29 Jun 14:00 Le109 Gerry Williger Louisville The protoplanetary disk around GM Aur
22 Jun 14:30 Le109 Jingnan Guo Kiel Space weather at Mars using MSL/RAD measurements combined with particle transport models

Winter/Spring Semester 2017

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
31 May 16:00 FBLT3 David Armstrong Warwick Variability in Exoplanet Atmospheres
24 May 16:00 FBLT3 Giovanni Natale UCLan The Development of DART-Ray
17 May 16:00 FBLT3 Johannes Courtial Glasgow Pixellated optics: from invisibility cloaks to medical eyeglasses
10 May 16:00 FBLT3 Lyndsay Fletcher Glasgow Solar Flares – How the Sun relaxes
03 May 16:00 FBLT3 Phil Armitage Colorado Protoplanetary disks and the first stages of planet formation
26 Apr 16:00 FBLT3 Richard Alexander Leicester Building Planetary Systems
26 Apr 11:00 Le111 Rob Kennicutt Cambridge Unveiling the Birth of Stars and Galaxies
12 Apr 16:00 FBLT3 Viktor Tóth ELTE, Budapest Star formation and the interstellar medium from sub-pc to kpc scales
05 Apr         No seminar – to avoid clash with BigSkyEarth Training School
29 Mar 16:00 FBLT3 Nick Wrigley Manchester Using e-MERLIN to measure the star-formation rate history of the Universe
22 Mar 16:00 FBLT3 Danielle Fenech UCL The e-MERLIN Legacy Cyg OB2 Radio Survey: Constraining mass-loss and other stories
15 Mar 16:00 FBLT3 Sven Friedemann Bristol Correlated Electrons at the Border of Charge and Magnetic Order in d-Metals
08 Mar 16:00 FBLT3 Gary Fuller Manchester From Dark to Light: Molecular Clouds to Massive Protostars & Clusters
07 Mar 11:00 Le303 Juntai Shen Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS Gas inflow patterns and nuclear rings in barred galaxies
01 Mar 16:00 FBLT3 JHI Postgrads JHI/UCLan 1st Year Postgrad Talks
22 Feb 16:00 FBLT3 Tim Davis Cardiff The dark hearts of galaxies: molecules as dynamical probes of galaxy evolution
15 Feb 16:00 FBLT3 Del Atkinson Durham Physics at the Interface: Current research in thin-film ferromagnetic/non-magnetic systems for spintronics
08 Feb 16:00 FBLT3 John Stott Lancaster KROSS: The KMOS Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey
01 Feb 16:00 FBLT3 Sarah Badman Lancaster Space Weather at Saturn
25 Jan 16:00 FBLT3 Jane Greaves Cardiff Seeing Planets Form
18 Jan 16:00 FBLT3 Yvonne Grunder Liverpool In situ studies of the atomic structure/charge distribution at the electrochemical interface
11 Jan 16:00 FBLT3 James Threlfall St Andrews What can test particles tell us about magnetic reconnection in the solar corona?

Autumn Semester 2016

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
14 Dec 16:00 FBLT3 Maciej Koprowski Hertfordshire IR Luminosity Function to z=4.5 from JCMT and ALMA
01 Dec 16:00 LE002 Shu-ichiro Inutsuka Nagoya Filaments, Shells, and Bubbles: Toward a Galactic View of Star Formation
30 Nov 16:00 FBLT3 Tim Horbury Imperial The solar wind near the Sun
23 Nov 16:00 FBLT3 Rob Crain LJMU Cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of the galaxy population
16 Nov 16:00 FBLT3 Giovanni Costantini Warwick Molecular self-assembly as a means to understand charge transfer at metal-organic interfaces
09 Nov 16:00 FBLT3 George Bendo Manchester Measuring Star Formation Rates Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
02 Nov 16:00 FBLT3 Ralph Schoenrich Oxford Disk galaxy evolution in the era of Gaia
26 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Emily Drabek-Maunder Cardiff HCO+ Detection of Dust-Depleted Gas in the Inner Hole of the LkCa 15 Pre-Transitional Disk
19 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Hem Raj Sharma Liverpool Templated Quasicrystals of Single Elements and Molecules
12 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Mihalis Mathioudakis Queens Belfast Spectropolarimetry of small-scale solar structures in the era of large aperture solar telescopes
05 Oct 14:00 Le110 Chris Kaye JHI/UCLan CARD: Simulating Recollimation Shocks in Astrophysical Jets
05 Oct 16:00 FBLT3 Mikko Tuomi Hertfordshire Planets orbiting M dwarfs in the Solar neighbourhood

Summer Semester 2016

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
28 Sep 16:00 FBMKC John Kormendy Texas Structure and formation of S0 and spheroidal galaxies
14 Sep 16:00 FBMKC Sandy Lodge JHI/UCLan CARD: Sub-millimetre properties of pre-stellar cores
07 Sep 16:00 FBMKC Will Clarkson Michigan-Dearborn Maximizing Galactic science from LSST
31 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Tom Kirk JHI/UCLan CARD: The relationship between model theoretic and topological invariants of groups definable in NIP theories
24 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Zoe Henderson JHI/UCLan CARD: Water-Cation Interaction in Ionic Liquid Multilayers: a Near-Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study
  16:30 FBMKC Simon Smalley JHI/UCLan CARD: Defected graphene through molecular self assembly
17 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Ben Thompson JHI/UCLan CARD: Turbulent Driven Outflow of Gas in a Galactic Disk
10 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Danny Lee JHI/UCLan CARD: The 3D Topology of the Magnetic Field in the Solar Corona
  16:30 FBMKC Andrew Walker JHI/UCLan CARD: The Link Between X-Class Solar Flares and Torsional Sunspot Rotation
03 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Adam Knowles JHI/UCLan CARD: Testing Theoretical Stellar Spectra and Modelling Stellar Populations
  16:30 FBMKC Steven Bourn JHI/UCLan CARD: Multiferroic Materials and the Magnetoelectric Effect
27 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Anthony Mercer JHI/UCLan CARD: The effect of radiative feedback on disc fragmentation
  16:30 FBMKC Aaron Brocklebank JHI/UCLan CARD: Detectability of Wolf-Rayet stars beyond the Local Group
26 Jul 14:00 Le111 Steven Gough-Kelly JHI/UCLan Creating planetarium presentations in Stellarium
20 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Ben Macfarlane JHI/UCLan CARD: Numerical predictions for the kinematics of FU-Ori type objects
  16:30 FBMKC David Bresnahan JHI/UCLan CARD: Results from the Herschel Gould Belt Survey in Corona Australis
14 Jul 14:00 FBMKC Gareth Boxall Stellenbosch Complex Exponentiation
12 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Rosemary Wyse Johns Hopkins The Structure and Substructure of the Disks and Halo of the Milky Way Galaxy
06 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Sam Earp JHI/UCLan CARD: More galaxy tilting in cosmological simulations
  16:30 FBMKC Bill Swalwell JHI/UCLan CARD: False alarms in the forecasting of solar energetic particle events
22 Jun 16:00 FBMKC Petri Vaisanen SAAO Worth its SALT: recent science from the Southern African Large Telescope
15 Jun 16:00 FBMKC Peter Zelina JHI/UCLan CARD: Time Evolution of Elemental Ratios in Solar Energetic Particle Events
  16:30 FBMKC Dom Bowman JHI/UCLan CARD: Twinkle Twinkle Delta Scuti Star

Winter/Spring Semester 2016

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
1 Jun 16:00 FBMKC Nina Dresing Kiel Anisotropies of solar energetic particle events
18 May 16:00 FBMKC Markus Battarbee UCLan Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles in the Inner Heliosphere
11 May 16:00 FBMKC Ding Yuan UCLan Sunspot oscillations and seismology
04 May 16:00 FBMKC Tom Marsh Warwick Magnetic white dwarfs and a star like no other
27 Apr 16:00 FBMKC Jenny Hatchell Exeter Taking the temperature of local star-forming clouds with the JCMT Gould Belt Survey
20 Apr 16:00 Le111 Jochen Koenigsmann Oxford On rational numbers
19 Apr 11:00 Harrington Lecture Theatre Carole Mundell Bath Black hole driven explosions and the dynamic Universe
13 Apr         No Seminar – JHI Event
06 Apr 16:00 FBMKC Gareth Few Hull Chemical Evolution with Supercomputers: Hydrodynamics and Globular Clusters
23 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Phil James LJMU Studies of star formation and supernova progenitors in nearby galaxies
16 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Philipp Niklowitz Royal Holloway Spin-density wave masking a ferromagnetic quantum-critical point in NbFe2
09 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Vasilis Archontis St Andrews Our active Sun: magnetic fields, jets and eruptions
02 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Colm Coughlan Dublin IAS New discoveries at low frequencies – Observing Young Stellar Objects at 150 MHz with LOFAR
24 Feb 16:00 FBMKC JHI PhD Students UCLan 1st Year PhD Talks
17 Feb 16:00 FBMKC Melvin Vopson Portsmouth Future technologies based on multiferroic materials
10 Feb 16:00 FBMKC Sergei Nayakshin Leicester Exoplanet observations overturn classical ideas about the Solar System formation
27 Jan 16:00 FBMKC Judith de Patoul Exeter 3D electron density distributions in the solar corona during solar minima: assessment for more realistic solar wind modeling
20 Jan 16:00 FBMKC Serban Lepadatu UCLan Interaction of Electrical Currents and Magnetisation in Magnetic Nano-Structures
13 Jan 16:00 FBMKC Oliver Lomax Cardiff The Role of Discs in the Collapse and Fragmentation of Prestellar Cores

Autumn Semester 2015

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
16 Dec 16:00 FBMKC David Ward Cambridge Experimental surface science with helium beams; microscopy and spectroscopy for imaging and dynamics measurement
9 Dec 16:00 FBMKC Wyn Evans Cambridge The Rough and the Smooth
2 Dec 16:00 FBMKC Jim Wild University of Lancaster Does Mars have a magnetic personality?
25 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Marcella Carollo ETH Zurich MAD Science: The growth and death of galaxies
18 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Rich Townsend UW-Madison MESA & GYRE: Stellar Astrophysics for the People
11 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Matthew Forster Diamond Light Source Molecular Self-Assembly on Surfaces: Ice, Alkanes and Amino Acids
4 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Tyler Bourke SKA The Square Kilometre Array: Science Drivers and Status Update
28 Oct 16:00 FBMKC Jill Evans UCLan Research Data Management
21 Oct 16:00 FBLT4 Andrew Thomas Manchester Surface interactions under realistic conditions, bridging the pressure gap
14 Oct 16:00 FBMKC Karl-Ludwig Klein Paris On the acceleration regions of solar energetic particle events: two case studies
7 Oct 16:00 FBLT4 Simon Thomas MSSL Observations of Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere
23 Sep 11:00 Harrington 338a Michele Dougherty Imperial Results from the Cassini mission at Saturn and plans for end of mission

Summer Semester 2015

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
9 Sep 16:00 FBMKC Chris Kaye JHI/UCLan CARD: Opacity, Faraday Rotation and Polarization in Astrophysical Jets
2 Sep 16:00 FBMKC Danny Lee JHI/UCLan CARD: The 3D Topology of the Magnetic Field in the Solar Corona
  16:30 FBMKC Simon Smalley JHI/UCLan CARD: Tailored graphene through molecular self assembly
26 Aug 16:00 FBMKC David Bresnahan JHI/UCLan CARD: Dense cores and filamentary networks in Corona Australis
20 Aug 16:00 Le002 Philip Hughes Michigan The connection between gamma ray and radio flares in the jets of active galaxies
19 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Peter Zelina JHI/UCLan CARD: Time Evolution of Elemental Abundances in SEP Events
  16:30 FBMKC Ben Macfarlane JHI/UCLan CARD: Disc-Planet Interactions: Simulations and Observations
12 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Steven Bourn JHI/UCLan CARD: Magnetic Anisotropy Studies of Multiferroic Materials using a Biaxial Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  16:30 FBMKC Ben Thompson JHI/UCLan CARD: Comparing Milky Way-like Galaxies with the Gaia-ESO Survey
5 Aug 16:00 FBMKC Adam Clarke JHI/UCLan CARD: Radial Migration in Disc Galaxies
  16:30 FBMKC Andrew Walker JHI/UCLan CARD: The Impact of Sunspot Rotation on High Flare Energy Active Regions
29 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Sam Earp JHI/UCLan CARD: Galaxy Tilting in Cosmological Simulations
22 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Bill Swallwell JHI/UCLan CARD: False Alarms in the Forecasting of Solar Energetic Particle Events
15 Jul 16:00 FBMKC Dom Bowman JHI/UCLan CARD: Amplitude modulation in Delta Scuti stars
  16:30 FBMKC Kate Pattle JHI/UCLan CARD: A Full Virial Analysis of the Prestellar Cores in the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud
3 Jun 16:00 FBMKC Maria De Juan Ovelar LJMU Following the tracks of planets in transitional discs with SPHERE and ALMA

Winter Semester 2015

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
27 May 16:00 FBMKC Chris Geroux Exeter Multi-dimensional Convection in Stars
20 May 16:00 FBMKC Huw Morgan Aberystwyth The expansion of active regions into the heliosphere
14 May 16:00 FBMKC Mike Shara American Museum of Natural History The Novae-Supernovae Connection
13 May 16:00 FBMKC Anna Lisa Varri Edinburgh The role of angular momentum in the dynamical evolution of star clusters
6 May 16:00 FBMKC Thomas Neukirch St Andrews Theoretical Aspects of Particle Acceleration in Solar Magnetic Activity Processes
22 Apr 15:00 FBMKC Peter Gallagher Trinity College Dublin The Shocking Corona
15 Apr 16:00 FBMKC Louise Harra UCL Exploring Activity on the Sun
25 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Siri Chongchitnan Hull Predicting the Abundance of Extreme Cosmic Voids
16 Mar 12:00 Le111 Hiroshi Kobayashi Nagoya Critical Effects of Collisional Fragmentation on Planet Formation
12 Mar 13:00 FBLT2 Arianna Di Cintio Copenhagen Cosmology on Small Scales: The Cusp-Core Problem in the Local Group
11 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Shu-ichiro Inutsuka Nagoya The Origin and Fate of Rings in Protoplanetary Disks: Diversity of Planet Formation Mechanisms
4 Mar 16:00 FBMKC Adrianne Slyz Oxford From Gas to Stars in Galaxies
25 Feb 15:30 Brook 013 Kunio Takeyasu JSPS London JSPS Funding and Collaboration Opportunities
18 Feb 16:00 FBMKC Deepak Mahtani Keele Semi-Synthetic Secondary Eclipse Lightcurves of Hot Jupiter Exoplanets
11 Feb 16:00 FBMKC 1st Year PhD Talks UCLan  
4 Feb 16:00 FBMKC Stephen Halliwell   Moses Holden 1777-1864: Astronomer, Preston Freeman, Founder of UCLan, and Much More!
28 Jan 16:00 FBMKC Graeme Candlish Concepcion Modified Gravity Simulations and Galaxy Evolution in Clusters
23 Jan 14:00 FBLT2 Richard Tuffs Max-Planck Institute The Evolution of Spiral Galaxies in the Group Environment
21 Jan 16:00 FBMKC Antonino Marasco Groningen Supernova-driven gas accretion in the Milky Way
14 Jan 16:00 FBMKC David Cole UCLan Nuclear stellar systems – a window on galaxy formation and evolution

Autumn Semester 2014

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
17 Dec 14:00 FBMKC John Brown Glasgow  
10 Dec 16:00 FBMKC Caitriona Jackman Southampton Saturn’s Magnetosphere: Highlights from 10 Years of the Cassini Mission
26 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Stacey Habergham Liverpool JMU Using Supernovae to Probe Star Formation
19 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Clare Worley Cambridge The Gaia-ESO Tour of the Milky Way
12 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Britton Smith Edinburgh Where Did the First Metal-Enriched Stars Come From?
5 Nov 16:00 FBMKC Oscar Agertz Surrey On the Interplay between Star Formation and Feedback in Galaxy Formation Simulations
29 Oct 10:00 FBLT2 Charles Cockell Edinburgh The Habitability of Planets
22 Oct 16:00 FBMKC Mederic Boquien Cambridge Measuring Star Formation in Galaxies
15 Oct 16:00 FBMKC Thomas de Boer Cambridge The Star Formation History of Classical Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
8 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 Elisa Portaluri Padova Supermassive Black Holes, Nuclear Star Clusters, and Nuclear Stellar Discs in Galactic Nuclei
1 Oct 16:00 FBLT2 Thomas Babbedge Winton Capital Turning a Telescope on Finance

Summer Semester 2014

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
30 Sep 12:00 Le109 Maider Sancho Miranda JHI/UCLan CARD: Origin of the metallicity distribution in the thick disc
17 Sep 16:00 FBMKC Gabriel Marinello JHI/UCLan CARD: Large Quasar Groups
  16:30   Adam Clarke JHI/UCLan CARD: Radial Migration in Disc Galaxies
10 Sep 16:00 HB234 Peter Zelina JHI/UCLan CARD: Solar Energetic Particles: Their Impact and Multi-Spacecraft Observations
  16:30   Jack Chan JHI/UCLan CARD: The Fundamental Plane
03 Sep 16:00 HB234 Graham Barnes NWRA Why The Sun Is Not As Boring As Many Astronomers Believe It Is!
27 Aug 16:00 Le303 Andrew Walker JHI/UCLan CARD: The Link Between Rotating Sunspots and Solar Flares
  16:30   Kate Pattle JHI/UCLan CARD: Prestellar Cores in the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud
20 Aug 16:00 Le303 David Bresnahan JHI/UCLan CARD: An Elegant, Lonely Structure in the Interstellar Medium: The Corona Australis Molecular Cloud
13 Aug 16:00 Le303 Dominic Bowman JHI/UCLan CARD: Pulsational Frequency and Amplitude Modulation in a Delta Scuti Star
  16:30   Ben Thompson JHI/UCLan CARD: Cosmological Simulations of Voids and Cosmic Void Finding
6 Aug 16:00 FBMKC James Wurster Monash Angels and Demons: Active Galactic Nuclei Sub-grid Models
5 Aug 16:30 FBMKC Nader Haghighipour University of Hawaii New Models of Terrestrial Planet Formation and the Origin of Mars
30 July 16:00 Le303 Kelly Hambleton JHI/UCLan CARD: Heartbeat Stars and the Ringing of Tidal Pulsations
17 July 16:00 FBMKC Oscar Gonzalez ESO Is the Milky Way a Bulgeless Galaxy?
4 July 14:00 FBMKC Owain Snaith Alabama The Chemistry of Galaxy Discs: Reconstruction and Dissection
30 June 15:00 FBMKC Thijs Kouwenhoven Peking University The Formation and Dynamical Evolution of Free-Floating Planets in Star Clusters
13 June 15:00 FBMKC Shashikumar Chitre Univ. of Mumbai Seismic view of the inconstant
11 June 16:00 FBMKC Simon Murphy University of Sydney Finding binaries among Kepler pulsating stars from phase modulation
of their pulsations

Spring Semester 2014

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
23 May. 16:00 FBMKC Paul Crowther Sheffield Univeristy The Most Massive Stars in the Local Universe
16 May. 12:00 Le003 Rob Izzard Bonn The Origin of the Elements and the Critical Role of Binary Stars
14 May. 16:00 FBMKC Ludwig Klein Obs. de Paris-Meudon Radio Observations of the Origin and Propagation of Solar Energetic
7 May. 16:00 FBMKC Michael Rowan-Robinson Imperial College Modelling the Spectral Energy Distributions of Herschel galaxies:
gravitational lenses, cold dust and young starbursts
Thurs. 1 May. 16:00 Le003 Kathryn Johnston Columbia Univ. Where is the matter?
30 Apr. 16:00 FBMKC Mark Jones Open University Mapping the Venus Resonance Ring using STEREO HI-2
23 Apr. 16:00 FBMKC Ignacio Ferreras MSSL/UCL Looking at the Fossil Record to Discover How Galaxies Form
16 Apr. 16:00 FBMKC Nicola Brassington University of Hertfordshire Galaxy Interactions in the Nearby Universe
2 Apr. 16:00 FBMKC Thebe Medupe SAAO Astronomy in Africa during Medieval Times
26 Mar. 16:00 FBMKC Elena Dalla Bonta Padova Central Massive Objects in Galaxies
19 Mar. 16:00 FBMKC CARD: Ben Thompson and Peter Zelina UCLan
12 Mar. 16:00 FBMKC Alan Watson Leeds Mysteries and Challenges Posed by the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
5 Mar. 16:00 FBMKC Derek Ward-Thompson UCLan The Herschel Space Telescope – What It Told Us About the Formation of Stars
26 Feb. 16:00 FBMKC Pieter Degroote KU Leuven Testing Stellar Evolution with Asteroseismology of Binary Stars
19 Feb. 16:00 FBMKC Heather Ratcliffe CFSA, Univ. of Warwick Hard X-ray and radio
observations of non-thermal electrons in solar flares
12 Feb. 16:00 FBMKC    
5 Feb. 16:00 FBMKC Steven Longmore Liverpool John Moores Univ. Using the Milky Way as a
template for understanding star formation in extreme environments
across cosmological timescales
29 Jan. 16:00 FBMKC Melissa Ness MPIA The Changing Picture
for the Formation of the Galactic Bulge of the Milky Way
22 Jan. 16:00 FBMKC Chris Prior Durham University Quantifying and observing the helicity content of magnetic flux ropes
15 Jan. 16:00 FBMKC Tim Cawthorne JHI/UCLan Recollimation shocks in
Astrophysical Jets
8 Jan. 16:00 FBMKC Caroline Alexander NASA/MSFC Resolving the fine-scale solar corona: results from the High-resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C)

Winter Semester 2013

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
18 Dec. 15:00 FBMKC Chris Lintott Oxford University Tales from the Zooniverse: Science with 800,000 volunteers
10 Dec. 16:00 FB051 Ivan Minchev AIP The Formation and Evolution of the Milky Way Disc: Constraints from Numerical Simulations
4 Dec. 15:00 FB051 Andrzej Fludra RAL/STFC Solar Orbiter: a new perspective on the Sun
27 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Iain Hannah University of Glasgow Emission measure distributions of solar eruptive events
20 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Christopher Few University of Exeter Chemodynamics of a Simulated Disk Galaxy: Structures in Abundance Space
13 Nov. 15:00 FB051 CARD: Timo Laitinen JHI/UCLan Cross-field transport of
energetic particles early in a solar event
6 Nov. 15:00 FB051 CARD: JHI Students <JHI/UCLan  
30 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Jairo Mendez-Abreu University of St Andrews Assembling the Puzzle of Barred Galaxies
23 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Alyssa Drake Liverpool John Moores University A Narrow-band View of Star Formation in the SXDS-UDS Field
16 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Debora Sijacki University of Cambridge Simulating Galaxy Formation: Numerical and Physical Uncertainties
9 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Andreea Font Liverpool John Moores University Milky Way Gas-Dynamical Simulations for Gaia
2 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Eric Priest University of St Andrews The Magnetic Nature of the Sun
25 Sept 15:00 FB051 Jaroslav Dudik University of Cambridge Slipping Magnetic
Reconnection: Observations and Theory
19 Sept 12:00 Le002 Jan Rybizki Heidelberg Chemodynamical Evolutionary Model of the Milky Way Disc – What Does the Solar Neighbourhood Tell Us?

Summer Semester 2013

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
11 Sep. 15:00 Le002 Maider Sancho Miranda UCLan/JHI CARD:
  15:30   Ben Macfarlane UCLan/JHI CARD:
28 Aug. 15:00 Le002 Michel Breger University of Texas Seismology of Stars in the age of space telescopes
21 Aug. 15:00 MB051 Adam Clarke UCLan/JHI CARD: Radial Migration in Disk Galaxies
14 Aug. 15:00 Le002 Kate Pattle UCLan/JHI CARD: Investigating the Earliest Stages of Star Formation
7 Aug. 15:00 Le002 Gabriel Marinello UCLan/JHI CARD: Constructing mock quasar catalogues to test the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
31 July 15:00 Le002 Nicky Agius UCLan/JHI CARD: A Dyson s Dream: Dust in Early-Type Galaxies
24 July 15:00 Le002 Joanne Bibby UCLan/JHI CARD: Wolf-Rayet Star Surveys and their Role as Supernova Progenitors
17 July 15:00 Le002 Dimitris Stamatellos UCLan/JHI CARD: Planet formation by disc fragmentation
16 July 12:30 Le002 Borja Anguiano Jiminez Macquarie, Australia The Age-Metallicity-Velocity Dispersion Relation in the Solar Neighbourhood

Spring Semester 2013

13 March15:00FB051Karen MastersICG PortsmouthUnwrapping Galaxy Evolution and Dynamics with MaNGA

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
12 June 15:00 FB051 Rok Roskar Institute of Theoretical Physics, Univ. of Zurich Radiation Feedback in Cosmological
Spiral Galaxy Formation
Fri. 7 June 12:00 FB051 Geraint Lewis University of Sydney The PAndAS Mysteries: The Great Plane of Andromeda
5 Jun 15:00 FB051 Claudia Maraston University of Portsmouth Modelling stellar populations: clues on galaxy evolution
29 May 15:00 FB051 Esko Gardner Observatoire de Besançon Comparing N-Body Simulations to the Boxy Bulge of the Milky Way
22 May 15:00 FB051 Denija Crnojevic University of Edinburgh Galaxy evolution through resolved stellar populations in the nearby CentaurusA group
8 May 15:00 FB051 JHI away day    
1 May 15:00 FB051 Roger Clowes JHI/UCLan The Largest Structure in the Universe
24 Apr 15:00 FB051 Brad Gibson UCLan/JHI Building Spiral Galaxies: 72 Years of Failure and Counting
17 Apr 15:00 FB051 John Magorrian Oxford University The centre of M31
10 Apr 15:00 FB051 Paul Murdin IoA Cambridge High Field Magnetic White Dwarfs – laboratory investigations
20 March 15:00 FB051 Mike Kosch Lancaster University Artificial aurorae: How the ionosphere helps to unravel wave-plasma
6 March 15:00 FB051 Boris Haeussler Nottingham University MegaMorph – Measuring the physical properties of galaxy components in modern multi-wavelength surveys
6 Feb 15:00 FB051 Balazs Pinter Aberystwyth Univ. Interaction of
the Solar Interior and Atmosphere
Tues. 5 Feb 15:00 Le111 Frederic Effenberger Bochum Univ., Germany Modelling Solar Energetic Particle and Cosmic Ray Transport with
Stochastic Processes
30 Jan 15:00 FB051 Witold Maciejewski Liverpool John Moores Univ. Nuclear Bars and Spirals in Disc Galaxies: their Origin and Implications
23 Jan 15:00 FB051 Nicholas Walton University of Cambridge The Gaia mission: Mapping the Milky Way
16 Jan 15:00 FB051 Sarah Matthews UCL/MSSL Solar flares in the lower atmosphere and beyond …a question of momentum
9 Jan 15:00 FB051 Giovanni Natale UCLan/JHI Star Formation and Dust on Galactic Scales

Autumn Semester 2012

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
Tues. 11 Dec 16:00 FBLT4 Gabriele Cescutti AIP, Potsdam Chemical elements in the early Universe
Tues. 4 Dec. 15:00 Le002 Lu Lu Univ. of Leeds Mass Composition Studies of Ultra-
high Energy Cosmic Rays with the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger
28 Nov. 15:00 FB051     JHI Day – no seminar
21 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Simon Platt UCLan/CEPS Ex sole ad sole
14 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Richard Morton Northumbria Univ. MHD waves in the solar
7 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Pierre Maxted Keele Univ. Discovering the Progenitors of
Very Low Mass White Dwarfs
31 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Michiko Fujii Leiden University Dynamical evolution of star clusters in transient spiral arms
24 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Laurel Rachmeler Univ. of St Andrews Forward modeling of coronal
Tues. 23 Oct. 15:00 LE002 Esther Marmol-Queralto IAC, Tenerife Satellite galaxies around massive galaxies: the infalling pieces of the puzzle
17 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Marco Pignatari University of Basel Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in Low-mass and Intermediate-mass Stars
Tues. 16 Oct. 16:00 FB051 Andrej Prsa Villanova Univ. Kepler Mission Harvest of Close
Binaries and Circumbinary Planets
10 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Paul Beck KU Leuven Asteroseismology of Red Giants in
eccentric Binary System
3 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Stefano Pasetto UCL/MSSL Thin and Thick Disk Kinematics with RAVE and the Solar Motion
26 Sept 15:00 FB051 David MacTaggart Abertay Univ. Theoretical Flux Emergence:
Context and Connections
19 Sept 15:00 FB051 Mykola Gordovskyy Univ of Manchester Particle Acceleration in Reconnecting Twisted Coronal Loops
12 Sept TBD FB051 Jonathan Cirtain NASA/MSFC Science with sounding rockets
4 Sep. 15:00 Le303 Andreas Kopp Kiel University, Germany Charge-fluctuating dusty plasmas: a gedankenexperiment for the
understanding of anomalous diffusion

Summer Semester 2012

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
8 August 15:00 MB041 CARD: Kelly Hambleton UCLan  
1 August 15:30 MB041 CARD: Bogdan Pastrav UCLan  
      CARD: Mike Maxwell UCLan  
25 July 15:00 MB041 CARD: Gabriel Marinello UCLan  
Thurs. 19 July 15:00 MB041 James McLaughlin Northumbria Univ. Generation of Quasi-periodic Waves
and Flows in the Solar Atmosphere by Oscillatory Reconnection
18 July 15:30 MB041 CARD: Nicky Agius UCLan Investigating Properties of Detected and Undetected Early Type Galaxies with Herschel-ATLAS
      CARD: Simon Murphy UCLan  
Thurs. 12 July 15:00 MB041 Koji Mukai NASA/GSFC The mass of white dwarfs in interacting binaries
11 July 15:00 MB041 CARD: James Kelly UCLan Modelling the Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles Through Interplanetary Space

Winter Semester 2012

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
13 June 15:00 FB051 Frederic Effenberger Univ. of Bochum, Germany Anisotropic and anomalous
diffusion of energetic particles in heliospheric and galactic magnetic
6 June 15:00 Le002 Tim White Univ. of Sydney Ensemble asteroseismology of solar-like oscillations
Thurs. 31 May 15:00 FB051 Matthew Owens Univ. of Reading Solar cycle 24:
Where are we and where are we going?
23 May 15:00 FB051 Lingyu Wang University of Sussex The abundance and clustering properties of infrared galaxies
9 May 15:00 FB051 Edouard Bernard University of Edinburgh Star formation in low-density regions and influence of the environment
2 May 15:00 FB051 Claire Foullon Univ. of Warwick Plasmoids and flow-driven instabilities in the eruptive corona
25 Apr 15:00 FB051 Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca University of Nottingham The formation of SO galaxies
18 Apr 15:00 FB051 Kate Rowlands Univ. of Nottingham The spectral energy distributions of dusty galaxies at low and high redshift
21 Mar 15:00 FB051 Alexander Russell Univ. of Glasgow Propagation of Alfvén
Waves from the Corona to Chromosphere
14 Mar 15:00 FB051 Vincent Eke Durham University Water on the Moon
7 Mar 15:00 FB051 Vasily Belokurov University of Cambridge The Mass, Mess and Mistery in the Milky Way Halo
15 Feb 15:00 FB051 Peng-Fei Chen Nanjing Univ./MSSL EIT waves: observations &
8 Feb 15:00 FB051 Massimo Viola University of Edinburgh Unbending the light
Fri. 3 Feb 15:00 TBD Neal Hurlburt LMSAL, Palo Alto  
1 Feb 15:00 FB051 Sheila Kanani MSSL/UCL An investigation into the role of injection events on plasma transport
within Saturn’s magnetosphere
25 Jan 15:00 FB051 Karen Meyer Univ. of St Andrews A Non-Linear Force-Free Field
Model for the Solar Magnetic Carpet
18 Jan 15:00 FB051 CARD: Stephane Regnier UCLan Evolution of coronal magnetic fields
11 Jan 15:00 FB051 Nye Evans Keele Dust in Nova Winds

Autumn Semester 2011

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
7 Dec 11:30 HB206 Chiaki Kobayashi Hertfordshire Galactic Archaeology: Stellar Yields and Chemodynamical Simulations
30 Nov 15:00 FB051 Stefan Gottloeber AIP Near-Field Cosmology with Constrained Local Universe Simulations
23 Nov 15:00 FB051 Horst Fichtner Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany Cosmic Ray Transport in the Heliosphere and its
Connection to Their Interstellar Propagation
21 Nov 15:00 Le006 Alex Brown University of Colorado Young stars and their
protoplanetary discs
16 Nov 15:00 FB051 Sergei Zharkov MSSL-UCL Recent Sunquakes: New
Implications for Energy Transport in Solar Flares
2 Nov 15:00 FB051 Jamie Gilmour University of Manchester Noble Gases in Solar System
19 Oct 15:00 FB051 Hanni Lux University of Nottingham Constraining the Milky Way Halo
with Cold Streams
12 Oct 15:00 FB051 Myrto Symeonidis MSSL/UCL New Views on Dust-Obscured Galaxies
5 Oct 15:00 FB051 Gert Botha Warwick University Numerical simulations of the kink instability in coronal loops
Thur. 29 Sept 15;00 Le002 Tom Barclay NASA-Ames The Kepler Mission: Latest Results and Looking to the Future
28 Sept 15:00 FB051 Mercedes Molla CIEMAT, Madrid Galactic Chemical Models: An Introduction
21 Sept 15:00 FB051 Tim Beers Michigan State Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP) Stars in the Galactic Halo and their Link to High-Redshift Damped Lyman Alpha Systems
Tues. 20 Sept 15:00 TBD Arunima Banerjee IISC, Bangalore Vertical Structure of Disk Galaxies and their Dark Matter Halos
Thurs. 15 Sept 15:00 Le003 Hiromoto Shibahashi Univ. of Tokyo Population III Stars: Evolution and Instability
14 Sept 15:00 Le003 Bruce Elmegreen IBM Formation of Star Clusters

Summer Semester 2011

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
27 July 15:00 LE006 CARD: Mike Maxwell UCLan  
20 July 15:00 LE110 CARD: Bogdan Pastrav UCLan  
13 July 15:00 FB051 CARD: James Kelly UCLan Modelling the Propagation of Star Energetic Particles
  15.30 FB051 CARD: Nicky Agius UCLan  
12 July 15:00 Le002 Alex Vazdekis IAC Expanding the parameter and spectral coverage of stellar population
29 June 15.00 LE002 CARD: Kelly Hambleton UCLan  
22 June 15:00 TBD CARD: Simon Murphy UCLan  
15 June 15:00 FB051 Glenn White Open University The Filaments of Star Formation
25 May 15:00 FB051 CARD: Kate Pilkington & Gareth Few UCLan  

Winter Semester 2011

13 Apr.15:00FB051Nicola MenciINAF, Rome ObservatoryDownsizing in hierarchical models of galaxy formation and AGN evolution

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
18 May 15:00 FB051 Philippa Browning Univ. of Manchester Heating and particle acceleration by magnetic reconnection
in the solar corona
11 May 15:00 FB051 Nicolas Labrosse Univ. of Glasgow Solar prominence diagnostics with Hinode
6 Apr. 15:00 FB051 Andrea Maccio Heidelberg Simulated merger trees: a new numerical approach to galaxy formation and evolution
30 Mar. 15:00 FB051 Kresimir Pavlovski University of Zagred Quantitative spectroscopy of close binary stars
23 Mar. 15:00 FB051 Ignacio Ferreras MSSL/UCL On the Formation of the Most Massive Galaxies
16 Mar. 15:00 FB051 Andrew Fox IoA, Cambridge The Magellanic Stream: A Case Study of Galactic Accretion
Mon 28 Feb. 15:00 DB247 Pratika Dayal AIP Cosmic Lighthouses : Unveiling the Nature of High-Redshift Galaxies
23 Feb. 15:00 FB051 Chris Haines Birmingham University Spitzer’s Mid-Infrared View of Galaxy Evolution in Rich Clusters
17 Feb. 11:30 Le111 Alison Laird York University Nuclear Astrophysics – Studying Stars in the Lab
16 Feb. 15:00 FB051 Durgesh Tripathi DAMTP Solar Active Regions Studies using Hinode/EIS
9 Feb. 15:00 FB051 Simone Recchi Vienna The Chemical Evolution of Galaxies within the IGIMF Theory
2 Feb. 15:00 FB051 Rekha Jain University of Sheffield Magnetic Field Effects on Solar Oscillations: A View from the Frontier
Fri. 28 Jan. 11:30 MB038 Mary Williams Astrophysikaliches Institut Potsdam The Dawning of the Stream of Aquarius in RAVE
26 Jan. 15:00 FB051 Takuma Suda Hokkaido University, Japan A Chemical Probe into the Star Formation History of Our Galaxy
Using the Stellar Abundances for Galactic Archaeology (SAGA) Database
19 Jan. 15:00 FB051 Antonia Wilmot-Smith Univ. of Dundee Braided Coronal Loops
12 Jan. 15:00 FB051 Simon Goodwin University of Sheffield The formation of star clusters

Autumn Semester 2010

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
Thurs. 16 Dec. 15:00 Le111 Chiara Tonini University of Melbourne Red galaxies in a young Universe
1 Dec. 15:00 FB051 Lyndsay Fletcher University of Glasgow White light flares
Mon. 29 Nov. 15:30 Le006 Ineke de Moortel Univ. of St Andrews Coronal Seismology with Transverse Loop Oscillations
24 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Geraint F. Lewis Univ. of Sydney Seeing the Universe with PAndAS Eyes: Clues to
Galaxy Evolution in our own backyard
17 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Sugata Kaviraj Imperial College Early-type galaxies: the last 8 billion years
Tue. 16 Nov. 11:00 HB311 Alexander Brown Univ. of Colorado, Boulder KEPLER Observations of Active Late-type Stars
Fri. 12 Nov. 11:30 MB 051 Martin Smith Kavli Institute, Peking Univ. Finding fossils on our doorstep: How surveys of the Milky Way are driving our understanding of galaxy evolution
10 Nov. 15:00 FB051 Stephen Smartt QUB First results from Pan-STARRS – giant supernovae in dwarf galaxies
3 Nov. 15:00 FB051 David Williams MSSL Flux emergence and pre-flare ion acceleration in the solar corona
27 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Andrew Pontzen Cambridge Piecing together galaxy formation at high redshifts
20 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Barry Kellett RAL/STFC SMART-1 – Europe’s 1st Mission to the Moon!
13 Oct. 15:00 FB051 Ivan Baldry Liverpool John Moores Univ. Accounting for the lowest mass galaxies with GAMA and beyond
6 Oct. 15:00 FB051 CARD: Greg Stinson UCLan Everything you ever wanted to know about Starlink

Summer Semester 2010

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
11 August 15:00 Le002 Alessandra Beifiori Padova On the validity of the MBH-σ relation
14 July 15:00 Le006 Caroline Alexander UCLan Coronal Loops with SDO
7 July 15:00 Le006 Bogdan Pastrav UCLan Statistical Analysis of the UV-FIR Spectral Energy Distributions of Gas-Rich Galaxies Observed in the Herschel ATLAS and GAMA Surveys
7 July 15:00 Le006 Kate Pilkington UCLan Cold Gas Analysis of Dwarf Galaxy Simulations
29 June 15:00 FB051 Christine Nicolls ANU Red Giants Behaving Badly: Long Secondary Periods and Eccentric Binaries
16 June 15:00 Le006 Markus Hartmann UCLan Kinematic and Structural Constraints on the Formation of Nuclear Clusters
2 June 15:30 Le006 Katie Harris UCLan Galaxy and Cluster Environment of Quasars
2 June 15:00 Le006 James Kelly UCLan Modelling the Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles
26 May 15:00 Le006 Mike Maxwell UCLan Multiband Observations of Recurrent Novae
12 May 15:00 FB051 Elisa House UCLan Disk Heating in Milky Way-type Simulations
5 May 15:00 FB051 Gareth Few UCLan Including Chemistry in Hydrodynamical Simulations

Winter Semester 2010

10 Feb14:00Le111Martin StringerDurhamPhysical Constraints on the Central Mass and Baryon Content of Satellite

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
28 Apr 15:00 FB051 Erwin Verwichte University of Warwick Transverse Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Corona
7 Apr 15:00 FB051 Gunnar Hornig University of Dundee Turbulent Reconnection in Braided Magnetic Fields
24 Mar 15:00 FB051 Don Kurtz UCLan Blast!
18 Mar 12:00 MB39 Simon Murphy Manchester Planetary Habitable Zones and SETI
16 Mar 15:00 FB051 Adrianne Slyz Oxford Simulating High-Redshift Galaxies
10 Mar 15:00 FB051 Iain Steele Liverpool John Moores Science with the Liverpool Telescope
3 Mar 15:00 Le006 Daniel Holdsworth, Kelly Hambleton and Claire Wilde UCLan SALT, Stars and South Africa
24 Feb 15:00 FB051 Kristen Coppin Durham Probing the Evolutionary Sequence of the Formation of Massive Galaxies:
Testing the Link Between Submillimetre Galaxies and QSOs
17 Feb 15:00 FB051 Mark Rushton UCLan The Tenth Outburst of the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii
9 Feb 15:00 H307 Robert Walsh UCLan SDO talk. Launch
on Wed

Autumn Semester 2009

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
17 Dec (Thurs) 14:00 FB051 Mike Bode Liverpool John Moores European Plans
Astronomy over the next Twenty
14-18 Dec       JHI Undergraduate
Research School
2 Dec 15:00 FB051 Geraint Jones Mullard Space Science Laboratory The Diverse Plasma Interactions of Saturn’s Icy Moons
26 Nov 15:00 FB051 Andre Milone Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, Brazil Stellar Populations of Early-type Galaxies
18 Nov 15:00 FB051 Martin Bureau Oxford  tbc
4 Nov 15:00 FB051 Nicolas Peretto Manchester Infrared Dark Clouds and Star Formation
28 Oct 15:00 FB051 Steven Bamford Nottingham The Galaxy Zoo
21 Oct 15:00 FB051 Dr. Lucie Green Mullard Space Science Laboratory What Can Soft X-ray Sigmoids Tell us about Flux Rope Formation and Associated Eruptions?
14 Oct 15:00 FB051 Dr. Anne Sansom UCLan Stellar Populations and Binary Stars
7 Oct 15:00 FB051 Nate Bastion Cambridge Using stellar clusters to trace the
star-formation history of galaxies: problems and solutions
30 Sept 15:00 FB051 Elias Brinks Hertfordshire  
23 Sept 15:00 FB051 Roger Wesson UCL Chemical abundances in Ionised nebulae

Summer Semester 2009

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
19 June 14:15 FB051 Dr. Craig B. Agnor Queen Mary, University of London Giant Impacts and Planetary Evolution
11 June 15:00 FB051 Dr. Yohan Dubois Oxford University Cosmological Magnetic Fields: What do we Learn from Numerical Simulations?
27 May 15:00 FB051 Dr. Eva Noyola Max-Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics,
IMBHs in Star Clusters, Are They There?
22 May 10:30 LE109 Dr. Dmitrij Semionov Uni. of Tuebingen Galactic dust and stellar wind – a close and personal experience with radiative transfer
22 May 10:00 LE109 Mr. Andrew Schurer SISSA, Trieste Modelling the effects of dust evolution on the SEDs of galaxies of different morphological type
15 May 10:00 LE109 Dr. Jacopo Fritz INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova The AGN Unified Scheme seen from the dusty perspective
1 May 15:00 LE002 Dr. Georgina Wilkins Uclan Colloidal rod suspensions: Why are they interesting and what can we learn from them?

Winter Semester 2009

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
20-23 April       University of Hertfordshire European Week of Astronomy and Space Science
23 April (Thurs) 15:00 FB051 Dr. Romain Teyssier University of Zurich Recent Advances in Galaxy Formation Simulations
1 Apr 15:00 FB051 Dr. Neus Agueda University of Helsinki Solar Sources of
Heliospheric Near-Relativistic Electrons: Insights from Monte Carlo Simulations
27 Mar 16:00 LE03 Prof. Toshihiro Kawakatsu Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan Designing
Decentralized Control of Modular Robots
25 Mar 15:00 FB051 Dr. Danielle Bewsher Rutherford Appleton Laboratory The Relationship Between EUV Dimming and Coronal Mass Ejections
20 Mar 11:50 MB39 Dr. Francesco Calura Trieste Observatory Metals and Dust at Low- and High-Redshift
20 Mar 11:25 MB39 Dr. Greg Stinson McMaster University Stellar Feedback in SPH Simulations
20 Mar 11:00 MB39 Dr. Darren Reed Los Alamos National Laboratory Uncloaking the Dark Universe with Halos and Galaxies in Cosmological Simulations
20 Mar 10:20 MB39 Dr. Justin Read Zurich University A Dark Matter Disc in the Milky Way
20 Mar 09:55 MB39 Dr. Andreea Font Durham University Galactic Archaeology: Unraveling Galaxy
Formation using Chemical Abundances
20 Mar 09:00 MB39 Dr. Chiaki Kobayashi Australian National University Chemodynamical Simulations of Galaxies
18 Mar 15:00 FB051 Dr. Bernhard Schulz California Institute of Technology Observing with
11 Mar 15:00 FB051 Dr. Jim Wild Lancaster University Magnetospheric Substorms: Arguable Triggers,
Aurorae and Unwanted Amperes
19 Feb 16:00 Le110 Dr. Anil Seth Harvard University Nuclear Star
Clusters: Formation and Relation to Black Holes
17 Feb 15:00 FB051 Dr. Laura Sales University of Groningen The mass and angular momentum content of simulated galaxies at z=2: can we explain recent SINS observations?
5 Feb 14:00 FB051 Prof. Max Pettini University of Cambridge The First Stars: Clues from QSO Absorption Lines
4 Feb 15:00 FB051 Dr. Duncan Mackay University of St. Andrews A New Global Magnetic Field Model for the Solar Corona
21 Jan 15:00 FB051 Dr. Jorge Penarrubia University of Cambridge Local group dwarf galaxies in the Lambda-CDM paradigm
14 Jan 15:00 FB051 Dr. Lindsay King University of Cambridge Measuring Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Gravitational Lensing
9 Jan 13:00 Le006 Rory Smith Cardiff University Ram Pressure and Tidal Effects on Virgo Cluster Dwarf Galaxies
9 Jan 10:00 Le006 Cesario Almeida Durham University The Dusty Universe
8 Jan 16:00 Le006 Mark Rushton Keele University Luminous Red Novae
8 Jan 13:00 Le006 James Cresswell University of Portsmouth Galaxy Clustering Bias and Luminosity Functions
8 Jan 10:00 Le006 Paul Westoby Liverpool John Moores Triggering and Fuelling of Active Galactic Nuclei

Autumn Semester 2008

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
18 Dec 14:00 FB051 Prof. Gerry Gilmore Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge The big Questions, and what we are building for you to answer them
19 Nov 15:00 FB051 Fernando Buitrago Alonso University of Nottingham Size Evolution of the Most Massive Galaxies at redshifts between 1.7 and 3 and the GOODS NICMOS Survey
5 Nov 15:00 FB051 Prof. Simon Driver St Andrew’s University Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA)
29 Oct 15:00 FB051 Dr. Claudia Maraston University of Portsmouth Stellar Population Models
15 Oct 15:00 FB051 Prof. Guy Worthey Washington State University Element by Element Abundances from Integrated Light

Summer Semester 2008

2 June15:00Le111Dr Matthew GrahamCalTech, CaliforniaThe Semantics of the Wondrous

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
7 Aug 13:00 Le111 Gerry Williger University of Louisville Galaxies in the Clowes-Campusano Large Quasar Group
12 June 15:00 Le111 Larisza Krista Trinity College Dublin Automated Detection of Coronal Holes
29 May 16:00 Le111 Dr Chris Davies Rutherford Appleton Laboratory New Satellite mission: STEREO
23 May 15:00 Le111 Dr Marc D. Freitag University of Cambridge, IoA Stars and Massive Black Holes
22 May 16:00 Le111 Dr Scott Chapman University of Cambridge, IoA The hotter side of high-z ultra-luminous galaxies
21 May 13:00 Le111 Dr. Christopher Flynn Tuorla Observatory, Finland Mass and light in the Milky Way
8 May 16:00 Le111 Dr. Andreea Font University of Durham The Colours of Satellite Galaxies in Groups and Clusters
1 May 16:00 CM234 Urmila Mitra Kraev Sheffield University Solar oscillations using SOT data

Winter Semester 2008

24 Jan16:00CM234Raphael HirschiKeele UniversityMassive Stars in the Early Universe

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
30 Apr 14:30 Le303 Prof Trevor Ponman University of Birmingham Groups, feedback and galaxy evolution
24 Apr 15:15 Le109 Prof. Alan Watson School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds Is the search for the origin of the highest energy cosmic rays over?
17 April 15:15 Le109 Dr Eric Tittley Institute for Astronomy, Royal Observatory of Edinburgh Reionisation: Would you like your IGM rare, medium, or well done?
10 Apr 16:00 CM234 Dr Eduard Kontar Glasgow University Compton mirror as a probe of pitch angle distributions of solar flare electrons
26 Mar 13:00 Le002 Ms Liliana Hernandez UNAM, Mexico Photoionized Regions in NGC6822
20 Mar 14:15 Le303 Ms Caroline Alexander Mullard Space Science Laboratory PhD talk
18 Mar 14:30 Le006 Mr Alex Merson Durham University PhD Talk
13 Mar 15:15 Le110 Dr Rob Proctor Swinburne University, Australia Keck SPectrsocopy of Globular Clusters
6 Mar 16:15 Le110 Dr Yu Xin University of Sheffield Blue Stragglers and their Contribution to Simple Stellar Populations
28 Feb 14:30 MB38 Mr Gareth Few University of Nottingham PhD Talk
27 Feb 13:00 Le111 Dr Alexander Knebe Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (AIP) Near-Field Cosmology, a theoretician’s point of view
21 Feb 16:00 CM234 Dr Rhona Maclean St Andrew’s University Magnetic Structure of a Coronal Bright Point
7 Feb 16:00 CM234 Rob Beswick University of Manchester Very Weak Radio Sources in the GOODS-North Field
17 Jan 13:00 DA247 Rob Allan Daresbury Labs High Performance Computing and Grid Technologies
16 Jan 13:00 Le111 Torgny Karlsson Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA), Stockholm Unearthing Stellar Dawn: The Search for the Chemical Remains of the First
10 Jan 16:00 Le111 Dr Russell J. Smith Durham University Spectroscopy of dwarf galaxies in Coma

Autumn Semester 2007

13 Dec16:00Le111Dr Russell SmithDurham University (Postponed)Dwarf galaxies in the Coma clusters


Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
18 Dec 12:00 Le111 Dr Scott Trager University of Groningen Is Downsizing Universal? Stellar Populations in the Coma Cluster
6 Dec 16:00 Le111 Dr Scott Kay University of Manchester The Evolution of Galaxy Clusters in Cosmological Simulations
22 Nov 16:00 Le111 Dr Michele Cappellari University of Oxford The Future of Supermassive Black Hole Research
14 Nov 16:00 Le111 Dr Russell Smith Durham University Tracing Galaxy Evolution with Present-day Faint Red Galaxies
1 Nov 16:00 Le111 Dr Durgesh Tripathi University of Cambridge Observations of Bifurcating Flux Ropes during CME Eruptions
25 Oct 16:00 Le111 Dr Richard J. Tuffs Max Planck Institut fur Kernphysik SPICA: Space Infrared Telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics
11 Oct 16:00 Le111 Dr Vivienne Wild Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics Linking black hole growth and recent star formation history in the local Universe
27 Sep 16:00 Le002 Dr Antonio Pipino University of Oxford Elliptical Galaxies: The Abundance Pattern in Stars, Gas, and Dust
13 Sep 16:00 Le111 Dr Steven Diehl Los Alamos National Laboratory The Hot Gas in Normal Elliptical Galaxies: Evidence for AGN-Feedback

Summer Semester 2007

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
27 Jul 15:00 HB304 Dr Tom Broadhurst Tel-Aviv University, Israel Lensing, Dark Matter and Dust
25 Jul 16:00 HB113 Dr J. Jesus Gonzalez IA-UNAM, Mexico Induced Nuclear Activity in Isolated Galaxy Pairs
11 Jul 16:00 CM234 Dr Rob Izzard Utrecht Solving the Century-Old R-Star Mystery
4 Jul 15:00 DA247 Mr Markus Hartmann Gottingen Analysis of Star Cluster Population with Broadband and Halpha
3 Jul 13:00 HB113 Dr Gerard Williger University of Louisville Quasars and Galaxies in a Large Quasar Group
29 Jun 15:00 CM234 Dr Zeljko Ivezic University of Washington Look What SDSS Did for Milky Way Studies and Just Imagine What LSST Will Do
13 Jun 16:00 CM234 Dr Brian O’Shea Los Alamos Population III Stars and the Formation of the First Protogalaxies
07 Jun 16:00 CM234 Prof Albert Zijlstra University of Manchester Stars: The End

Winter Semester 2007


Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
29 May 16:00 MB38 Dr Swetlana Hubrig ESO Magnetic Fields in Massive Stars
24 May 16:00 MB41 Dr Falk Herwig Keele University Late Phases of Stellar Evolution: Element Production, Stellar Hydrodynamics and the Progenitors of SN Ia
17 May 16:00 CM234 Dr Peter Cargill Imperial College Why the Coronal Heating Problem is so Difficult to Solve
04 May 15:00 MB41 Dr Stefan Harfst Rochester Inst. Tech. Modeling Galaxies with a Multi-phase ISM
03 May 16:00 CM234 Dr Tony Arber University of Warwick Emergence of Magnetic Flux into the Solar Corona
02 May 13:00 MB38 Dr Carole Mundell Liverpool John Moores Gamma-Ray Bursts!
12 Apr 16:00 CM234 Dr William Newton University of Oxford Complex Microscopic Structure in Neutron Stars and
22 Mar 16:00 CM234 Prof George Efstathiou University of Cambridge  
08 Mar 16:00 CM234 Dr Chris Conselice University of Nottingham The Active Evolution of Massive Galaxies at z < 1.4
06 Mar 16:00 MB38 Rodrigo Ibata Strasbourg Observatory Dissecting the Local Group of Galaxies: Cosmology in the Nearest Field
22 Feb 16:00 CM234 Dr Lyndsay Fletcher University of Glasgow Solar Flares: Progress and Problems
22 Feb 10:30 Ha158 Dr Leo Michel-Dansac UNAM, Mexico Chemodynamical Models of Barred Galaxies
08 Feb 11:00 Le7 Prof Mike Bode Liverpool John Moores The 2006 Outburst of the Recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchi
25 Jan 16:00 CM234 Dr Uta Fritze-von Alvensleben University of Hertfordshire Combining the Chemical and Spectral Evolution of Galaxies: The GALEV Models

Autumn Semester 2006

<!—-><!–Future Directions in Astronomy Visualisation–>

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
14 Dec 16:00 CM234      
07 Dec 16:00 CM234 Dr Steve Tobias University of Leeds The Solar Tachocline: Angular Momentum Transport in Beta-Plane MHD
27 Nov 16:00 CM234 Dr Elizabeth Griffin NRC-HIA-DAO Updating the Earth’s Ozone by Going Backwards in Astronomy
23 Nov 16:00 CM234 Dr Dolf Michielsen University of Nottingham The Formation and Evolution of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies
22 Nov 16:00 CM234 Dr Herman Hensberge Royal Obs. Belgium Disentangling the Component Spectra of Binaries and Triple Systems
09 Nov 16:00 CM234 Dr Genevieve Parmentier University of Cambridge Cluster Initial Mass Functions and Field Star Populations: The Impact of Residual Star Forming Gas Removal
02 Nov 16:00 CM234 Dr Philippa Browning University of Manchester Magnetic Reconnection and Energy Release in the Solar
24 Oct 16:00 CM234 Dr Daisuke Kawata Carnegie Observatories Multi-Wavelength Studies of the Galaxy Formation with GCD+
19 Oct 16:00 CM234 Dr Jacco van Loon Keele University Red (Super)giants and their Galactic Ecology
05 Oct 16:00 CM234 Dr Dean McLaughlin University of Leicester The Globular Cluster Luminosity Function
28 Sept 16:00 CM234 Dr Ignacio Trujillo University of Nottingham Detection of the Effect of Cosmological Large-scale Structure on the Orientation of Galaxies
11 Sept 16:00 DB337 Dr Jack Ireland NASA GSFC Wavelet Analysis of Active Region Magnetic Structure
11 Sept 15:30 DB337 Dr Alex Young NASA GSFC Using Curvelets for Solar Image Processing

Summer Semester 2006

Date Time Room Speaker Home Institute Title
09 Aug 16:00 MB39 Dr Chris Fluke Swinburne University, Australia Future Directions in Astronomy Visualisation
19 July 16:00 MB41 Dr Dawn Erb Harvard University, USA Mass, Metallicity, Kinematics and Star Formation in Galaxies at z=2
18 July 16:00 MB38 Dr Chris Brook Laval University, Canada The Formation of Disk Galaxies
21 Jun 11:00 MB221 Dr Rob Proctor Swinburne University, Australia 6dFGS, 2MASS and SuperCOSMOS: Towards a Consistent Picture of Stellar Populations in Local Galaxies
25 May 16:00 MB39 Dr Leticia Carigi UNAM, Mexico Evolution of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
24 May 16:00 MB38 Dr Rob Izzard University of Utrecht, Netherlands Stellar Population Synthesis
23 May 16:00 MB38 Dr Carolina Odman Sterrewacht Leiden, Netherlands Universe Awareness
03 May 13:00 MB38 Prof Conny Aerts University of Leuven, Belgium Recent Highlights in Asteroseismology: A Biased Selection