Staff Directory

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The group can be contacted via telephone, email or post. For email add to the listed entries below. For telephone add 01772 89; if overseas add your local international dial code and 441772 89.

For administrative and general enquiries, please contact the Departmental Office.


Name Email Personal Telephone Room Role
Prof. Silvia Dalla sdalla Personal 3527 LE105 Professor of Solar Physics
Prof. Victor Debattista vpdebattista Personal 3568 LE210 Professor in Astrophysics
Prof. Don Kurtz dwkurtz 3735 LE211 Professor of Astrophysics
Prof. Cristina Popescu cpopescu Personal 3551 LE106 Professor of Astrophysics
Prof. Robert Walsh rwwalsh 4282 AB111 Professor of Solar Physics
Prof. Derek Ward-Thompson dward-thompson Personal 3829 LE007 Professor of Astrophysics, Head of School of Natural Sciences, Director of Jeremiah Horrocks Institute

Readers & Lecturers

Name Email Personal Telephone Room Role
Dr. Megan Argo margo  Personal 5157 LE306 Lecturer in Astronomy
Dr. Danielle Bewsher dbewsher 3271 LE104 Principal Lecturer, Academic Lead for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Kevin Bowman kbowman 3549 LE006A Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr. Daniel Brown dsbrown 3305 LE208 Reader in Solar Physics
Dr. Roger Clowes rgclowes Personal 3526 LE310 Reader in Extragalactic Astrophysics
Dr. Matthew Daws MDaws Personal 2680 LE305 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr. Paul Freeman pgfreeman 3302 LE307 Lecturer in Physics, Course Leader for Physics and Astrophysics
Dr. Monika Gamza mgamza Personal 3262 LE307 Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Barbara Hassall bjmhassall 3570 LE113 Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics. Course Leader – Astronomy Distance Learning
Dr. Imran Khan ikhan12 2376 LE006A Lecturer in Mathematics, Foundation Year Tutor
Dr. Jason Kirk jmkirk 6416 LE309 Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics – Foundation Year Tutor
Dr. Serban Lepadatu slepadatu 3553 LE005 Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Paul Marston pmarston 3542 LE114 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr. Steve McCann smmccann 3304 LE114 Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Tim Mercer tmercer1 3161 LE005 Senior Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Mark Norris mnorris2 Personal  3548 LE104 Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr. Shane O’Hehir so-hehir 3733 LE309 Senior Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Brett Patterson bapatterson 3567 LE208 Senior Lecturer in Physics.
Dr. Davide Penazzi dpenazzi 3827 LE116 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr. Joanne Pledger jpledger 6411 LE308 Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr. Christopher Powles cpowles 3572 LE116 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Course Leader for Mathematics
Dr. Chris Reynolds creynolds5 5160 LE114 Lecturer in Astronomy
Dr. Anne Sansom aesansom Personal 3730 LE308 Reader in Astrophysics
Dr. Joe Smerdon jsmerdon 2700 LE006 Senior Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Aimilia Smyrli asmyrli2 3283 LE114 Lecturer in Astrophysics, Ogden Isaac Fellow
Dr. Dimitris Stamatellos dstamatellos Personal 6418 LE113 Reader in Astrophysics
Dr. Bill Swalwell baswalwell LE306 Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr. Karen Syres ksyres 3580 LE006 Lecturer in Physics
Dr. Jon Wilson JWilson30  Personal LE305 Lecturer in Mathematics

Research Staff

Name Email Personal Telephone Room Role
Dr. Leandro Beraldo e Silva lberaldoesilva LE115 Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Daniel Holdsworth dlholdsworth 3290 LE115 Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Vera Konyves vkonyves LE115 Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Timo Laitinen tlmlaitinen Personal 3280 LE115 Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Charlotte Waterfall cwaterfall LE115 Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Thomas Williams twilliams13 LE115 Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Research Students

Name Email Personal Telephone Room Role
Kasim Ali kali3 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics
Jamie Banister jbanister 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
David Bell dbell6 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics
Jonathan Birkett 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics
Jake Brooks jebrooks 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Ben Carroll btcarroll 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Ethan Carter ecarter6 3573 LE302 Stellar Physics
Jordan Cole jcole4 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics
Jade Cullen jacullen1 3560 MB208 Stellar Physics
Louis Dabbs ldabbs 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Tom Davison tdavison Extragalactic Astrophysics
Simon Ebo sjebo 3573 LE302 Observations of Exoplanets
Christopher Everest cpjeverest 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Vanessa Fairhurst vhfairhurst 3560 MB208 Stellar Physics
Adam Fenton afenton1 3573 LE302 Theoretical Star Formation
Graham Fleming gdfleming Stellar Physics
Daniel Gass dggass 3560 MB208 Solar Physics
David Glass dhwglass 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Steven Gough-Kelly sgough-kelly 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Adam Hutchinson ahutchinson3 3573 LE302 Solar Physics
Christopher Inman cjinman 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Daniel Johnson djohnson18 3573 LE302 Solar Physics
Janik Karoly jkaroly 3573 LE302 Stellar Physics
Tigran Khachaturyants tkhachaturyants 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Alexia Lopez amlopez 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Callum Mackinnon crmackinnon 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics
George McKenzie 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics
Björn Ólafsson bgolafsson Stellar Physics
Raeesa Parker rparker4 Stellar Physics
Saul Phiri spphiri 3573 LE302 Stellar Physics
Richard Pomeroy rtpomeroy Extragalactic Astrophysics
Charlotte Proverbs cvproverbs 3573 LE302 Solar Physics
Ron Savage 3573 LE302 Extragalactic Astrophysics
Matthew Scargill mjscargill 3560 MB208 Stellar Physics
Matthew Teasdale mteasdale1 3573 LE302 Stellar Physics
Udit Tiwari 2686 MBB002 Experimental Physics

Visiting Fellows & Emeritus Staff

Name Email Personal Telephone Room Role
Dr. Martin Birch mjbirch 3554 Senior Visiting Fellow
Prof. Philip Bissel pbissell 3563 Emeritus Professor, Nanophysics and Magnetic Materials
Prof. Gordon Bromage gebromage 3569 Emeritus Professor, Astrophysics, Former JHI Director
Dr. Barbara Bromage bjibromage 3584 Emeritus Reader in Solar Physics
Dr. Tim Cawthorne tvcawthorne Personal
Dr. Flavio De Lorenzi Visiting Fellow
Dr. David Murphy Visiting Fellow
Dr. Clive Elphick Visiting Fellow
Dr. John Hargreaves jhargreaves 3554 Senior Visiting Fellow
Prof. Michael Holmes mcholmes 3561 Emeritus Professor, former Dean of Graduate Research School
Dr. Mark Rushton Visiting Fellow
Prof. Dejan Vinkovic Visiting Professor, Executive Director of the Science and Society Synergy Institute – University of Split
Prof. Gerard Williger Visiting Fellow

Support Staff

Name Email Personal Telephone Room Role
David Capstick djcapstick1 3564 MB208 Starlink System Administrator
Rick Collins rcollins 4351 MB114 Technical Support
Dr. Danny Lee dlee9 Personal 5156 MB208 Project Support Officer