Group Members

People in the Stellar Astrophysics research group and their research interests are listed below.

The Stellar Astrophysics research group’s publications are collated at this link

Academic Staff
Dr. Barbara Hassall
Dr. Jason Kirk Observational star formation
Prof. Don Kurtz  Asteroseismology
Dr. Joanne Pledger Massive Star Evolution
Dr. Chris Reynolds
Dr. Dimitris Stamatellos  Theoretical star formation and exoplanets
Prof. Derek Ward-Thompson Observational star formation
Postdoctoral Researchers
Dr. Alex Dunhill  Theoretical star formation and exoplanets
Dr. Daniel Holdsworth  Asteroseismology
Dr Vera Konyves Observational Star formation
PhD and MSc Students
David Bresnahan Observational star formation
Alex Lodge  Observational star formation
Ben Macfarlane  Theoretical star formation and exoplanets
Anthony Mercer  Theoretical star formation and exoplanets
 Joshua Parker Star formation
Raeesa Parker Observational Star Formation.


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