Postgraduate Lectures

News & Events – Postgraduate Lecture Series

These are lectures that are required for our 1st year postgraduate students.

Post Graduate Research Lectures            
Name Tuesday Date Room Time Thursday Date Room Time
Reflection week Reflection week Reflection week
Syres Karen 13/11/2018 Le111 1pm 15/11/2018 Le003 1pm
Stamatellos Dimitris 20/11/2018 HB310 1pm 22/11/2018 HB318 1pm
Smerdon Joe 27/11/2018 HB310 1pm 29/11/2018 Le003 1pm
Sansom Anne 04/12/2018 HB310 1pm 06/12/2018 HB310 1pm
Christmas vacation Christmas vacation Christmas vacation
Powles Chris 15/01/2019 HB318 1pm 17/01/2019 FBLT3 1pm
Lepadatu Serban 22/01/2019 HB311 1pm 24/01/2019 HB311 1pm
Derek Ward-Thompson 29/01/2019 HB311 1pm 31/01/2019 HB311 1pm
Pledger Joanne 05/02/2019 Le109 1pm 07/02/2019 HB310 1pm
Penazzi Davide 12/02/2019 HB318 1pm 14/02/2019 HB310 1pm
Patterson Brett 19/02/2019 HB318 1pm 21/02/2019 HB318 1pm
O’Hehir Shane 26/02/2019 HB310 1pm 28/02/2019 HB310 1pm
Norris Mark 05/03/2019 HB310 1pm 07/03/2019 HB318 1pm
Mercer Tim 12/03/2019 HB318 1pm 14/03/2019 Le002 1pm
McCann Steve 19/03/2019 Le109 1pm 21/03/2019 Le109 1pm
Popescu Cristina 26/03/2019 Le109 1pm 28/03/2019 HB310 1pm
Kurtz Don 02/04/2019 HB318 1pm 04/04/2019 HB318 1pm
Kirk Jason 09/04/2019 HB318 1pm 11/04/2019 HB318 1pm
Easter vacation Easter vacation Easter vacation
Khan Imran 30/04/2019 HB318 1pm 02/05/2019 HB318 1pm


Enquiries to Prof. Cristina C. Popescu, Research Degrees Tutor (, 01772 893551).