Here is a list of software projects that have been developed within the JHI.

An online application visualising the properties of a simulated galaxy.

Explore and visualise the effects of varying the wavelength and the inclination angle of a galaxy, and what can be observed at different wavelengths, and different angles. More information can be found  here.


DART-Ray is a purely ray-tracing 3D dust radiative transfer code. It has been developed by Giovanni Natale while working in the research group of Cristina Popescu at the University of Central Lancashire between 2011 and 2017.

It is freely available on github. More information can be  found here.

DART-Ray can be used to model the transport of stellar and dust emission within astrophysical objects taking into account the effect of interstellar dust including absorption, anysotropic scattering and re-emission. The dust emission can be calculated assuming dust at equilibrium with the radiation field or by performing a full calculation of the stochastically heated dust emission spectra. For any input arbitrary geometry of stellar and dust emission distributions, the code calculates the radiation field energy density distribution and the surface brightness maps as observed at arbitrary positions either far away or within the model. The code is written in Fortran 2003 and it is MPI+OpenMP parallelized. It allows to vary flexibly all the input physics (dust model, stellar emission SEDs) as well as the model geometry.