Group Members

People in the Extragalactic Astrophysics research group and their research interests are listed below.

The Extragalactic Astrophysics research group’s publications are collated at this link

Academic Staff
Dr. Megan Argo Star formation and accretion processes in galaxies across a range of redshifts
Dr. Tim Cawthorne Black Holes; Active Galactic Nuclei
Dr. Roger Clowes Large Scale Structure; Active Galactic Nuclei
Prof. Victor Debattista Black Holes; Nuclear Star Clusters
Dr. Mark Norris  Stellar Populations, Compact Stellar Systems
Prof. Cristina Popescu Interstellar and Intergalactic Dust
Dr. Anne Sansom Stellar Populations, Early-Type Galaxies
PhD and MSc Students
Thomas Davison
Sam Earp
Tracey Friday
David Glass
Chris Kaye
Adam Knowles
Jordan Thirlwall Interstellar and Intergalactic Dust
Former group members
Dr. Gabriel Marinello Large scale structure.
Dr. Maider Sancho Miranda Thick Discs of Late-type Galaxies
Dr. Ben Thompson Chemodynamical Simulations
Dr. Giovanni Natale Interstellar and Intergalactic Dust

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