JHI Features in Astronomy Now

The UCLan stand at AstroFest featured GalaxyFlyer which has been highlighted in the latest issue of Astronomy Now.

The JHI’s stand featured in the April 2017 edition of Astronomy Now.

Steve Ringwood, writing for Astronomy Now, says that the GalaxyFlyer is a remarkable demonstration of immensive 3-D astronomy via virtual reality.

He said “Upon donning the VR headgear, the busy world of European AstroFest quite melted away. You found yourself an explorer at the controls of your own spaceship, deep in space, completly surrounded by the sights as they would appear if you were actually travelling amongst the planets and stars.”

“Faced with the evidence of its eyes, the brain is taken in completly. Swooping low over Mars’ Vallis Marineris, or clippng the torturerd gasous streams of Jupiter, you could not deny you were actually there. You could almost start thinking that telescopes themselves have become redundent. But only almost”.

You can read the full article in the April 2017 edition of Astronomy Now.

Featured Image: Victor Debattista describes GalaxyFlyer. This image featured in Astronomy Now April 2017. Credit: Max Alexander and Astronomy Now.