The Jeremiah Horrocks Lecture- Weather in space: how to forecast a radiation storm

Speaker: Professor Silvia Dalla

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Darwin Lecture Theatre/UCLAN – 6.30pm

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Eruptions at the Sun eject huge clouds of magnetised gas and highly energetic particles into space. As a result, when Earth is in the way, we may experience Space Weather. Join Silvia Dalla to find out how Solar Energetic Particles released during solar eruptions affect our space environment and how forecasts of radiation storms be generated.

Speaker: Professor Silvia Dalla

Professor of Solar Physics at the University’s Jeremiah Horrocks Institute

Professor Dalla joined us in 2007 after working as a postdoc at Imperial College London and the University of Manchester. Professor Dalla uses data from spacecraft and numerical models to study how energetic particles from the Sun propagate through space.