Autumn Jeremiah Horrocks Lecture: Mission to Mars in 3D

 Mission to Mars in 3D 

Dr Kevin Bowman 

Suitable for adults and children aged 7+ 

Tuesday 19 September 2023, 6-8pm 

Darwin Lecture Theatre, University of Central Lancashire 

 For more than half a century we have sent landers, rovers and even a drone to Mars. But what will it take for humans to get there? 

In his presentation “Mission to Mars in 3D” Dr Kevin Bowman (who brought you “Rocket to the Moon” and “Apollo 13: Lucky for Some?”) brings to life the immensity of this quest as you embark on the most epic journey ever undertaken by humans. Using a giant two storey screen and some presentation sections in 3D (glasses provided) you will get an immersive experience of space flight as you travel to another world. 

Both before and after “Mission to Mars in 3D” there are light refreshments and a host of displays and exhibits, including: 

• Observing the night sky (weather permitting) using telescopes with expert guidance at hand. 

• From “mission control” remotely operate a rover “on Mars”. 

• Take the VR space experience. 

• Get up close and personal with giant globes of the planets. 

This is Kevin’s “Farewell” presentation as a member of the JHI (who after more than 30 years is retiring from UCLan) and so invites you to join him for a celebration themed on Mars.

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