Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory Dome Opens For First Time in 25 years.

On Wednesday 6th March the JHO in Moor Park reached a new milestone. The Observatory dome opened for the first time in 25 years. Read more…

After more than 6 months’ work by Contractor Brian Woodruff, the dome of the JHO is operational again. A few months ago we saw the dome turn for the first time and now the slit opens as well. It has been tricky work to take out the motors, repair them and replace them, with the slit motor being particularly tricky given its inaccessible position at the very top of the dome.

This is all part of the plan to return the JHO to being a working museum rather than a static exhibit. It is hoped to host many more public, schools, and other outreach events there in the future. This will not only raise the JHO profile in the local community, but will also add to a REF impact case.

The remaining work includes finishing the electrics and making everything secure, including a full safety inspection of the works, before a full reopening.