Spectacular image of a nebula captured at Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory, Moor Park

During an observing session at the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory on Friday 12th August, Graham McLoughlin from the Preston and District Astronomical Society (PADAS) managed to capture the Crescent Nebula NGC 6888 with over two hours of exposure with a William Optics 61mm APO telescope and ZWO ASI533MC cooled camera. This is possibly the first Deep Sky image from the observatory in over 20 years !

The Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory originally opened in June 1927 (see more about his history here) and was recently (2017) renovated as a public outreach observatory by UCLAN. It is located on Moor Park in the city of Preston.

(Photo Credit :Graham McLoughlin, Preston and District Astronomical Society)